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Print A Two-dimensional Code On A Can? Large Marketing Of Laser Code Assisting Details

May 09.2018
In 1959, the ERNIE.C.FRAZE (Aimar Creen Fritz) of DRT in Tenton, Ohio, invented the jar, that is, the material of the lid itself is processed to form a rivet, and a ring on the jacket is riveted to be a complete tank cover with an adapted mark.

The easy ring can play this way

In the past 60 years, the pop cans packaging industry has taken a place and has become a good partner in people's daily life. Little rings are also being played out by many people.

Easy ring lampshade is environmentally friendly and dazzling

The adornments and bags made of the ring are absolutely attracting the attention.

As the only movable part of cans, merchants also have no chance to escape the business. The little bit of ease of information is limited, and the two-dimensional code has become a new business opportunity to meet the trend, Ma Huateng asserted, "the two-dimensional code will be the key entrance of line and line." On the one hand, the enterprises can accurately launch the marketing resources through the analysis of consumer behavior. On the other hand, the consumers can get the virtual items such as red packets, products, prizes and so on by scanning the two-dimensional code. Income, increase the desire to buy.

Big marketing of laser code

The area of the easy ring is limited and the marking of clear two-dimensional code becomes a major difficulty in the marketing process.

Laser code is the use of high energy density laser beam on the target, so that the surface of the target physical or chemical changes, thus obtaining the visible pattern of the marking. As the laser beam moves regularly on the material surface and controls the laser's breaking, the laser beam is processed into a specified pattern on the surface of the material.

Compared with the traditional technology, laser coding has the advantages of convenient operation, quick marking speed, clear and permanent handwriting, non-contact processing, small pollution, no wear and no deformation, and can realize high speed automation, high production efficiency and low cost. As a highly efficient and efficient two-dimensional code marking method, laser marking has been widely used in the packaging industry.

The laser coding equipment of the Chinese laser flying series, the easy to pull ring marking two-dimensional code has a readability of more than 99.9%, and the problem of marking the two-dimensional code of the tension ring is improved.

They all chose the Chinese laser

At present, China mobile laser is the only supplier in China to provide 100 watts and 4 channels. In the field of easy loop marking, the domestic application cases of China mobile laser are Bao Feng, Yi Kaigai, crown, Bohr, Austrian Ruijin, COFCO packaging and so on.

Efficient processing: beverage, bottle wine and other large use of cans can be upgraded. Laser marking equipment must also adapt to the speed of production line.

The Chinese laser laser marking machine, the laser equipment and the high-speed punch press the real-time marking, the 2-D code marking time is less than 30MS, the speed is 750 punches / points, the four channel is printed simultaneously, that is, the output is 3000 / minutes, and the same competitor can only reach the standard of 550-600 punches / minutes.

High cost performance: the Jiaming laser laser marking machine is equipped with the special marking software of the Jiaming laser. It has powerful function, simple and convenient operation, and the speed of data processing meets more than 1 million data transmission. At the same time, we need to configure high quality laser and galvanometer at home and abroad according to customer demand. Perfect solution: in the field of fast product marking, the Jiaming laser accumulates years of application experience to provide customized solutions for customers, including complete coding, identification, jig, elimination, smoke purification and so on, and can achieve the turnkey project.

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