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Prevention Of Laser Condensation In Summer,these Details Are To Be Paid Attention To!

May 04.2018
The rainy season is coming, all parts of the country entered the pattern of rain, rain and rain, Hunan, Guangxi and other places were under the threat of flooding.

The harsh weather in summer not only tests people, but also tests machines. High temperature and high humidity may cause condensation inside the laser and affect the normal use and safety of lasers.

In simple terms, dew is an objective physical phenomenon. It is easy to see this physical phenomenon in our daily life, especially in the sultry summer. For example, in the south, the wall in the house will appear like a "sweating" phenomenon; the outer wall of the water pipe in the home or in the public area condenses water.

The harm of dew (the picture comes from the network)


Failure caused by condensation is not a normal warranty.

If the laser is installed in the air-conditioned room and keeps the air conditioner running steadily (including the evening), the temperature and humidity in the air-conditioned room are below 27 and 50% respectively, which will effectively prevent the electronic or optical element condensation inside the laser, thus improving the reliability and service life of the laser.

If it is impossible to install an air-conditioned room for the laser due to limited conditions, measures should be taken to prevent condensation. Usually, the effect of condensation on the laser is a certain process, and there are some signs that are easy to find in the early stage of internal condensation. For example, the surface of the external exposed cooling water pipe usually appears first, and it will spread to the internal laser for a period of time.

The direct relationship between dew point and environmental temperature and humidity can be seen in the table below.

Reminder: please keep the ambient temperature and humidity within the safe range of white and green. Specific preventive measures refer to the following table.
Area Description
Safety Measure
White Area dew-point temperature<20℃,Within the scope of security
The normal water temperature can be set according to the requirements, and the water temperature range is 21-25℃.
Green Area dew-point temperature<20℃,Within the scope of security
The normal water temperature can be set according to the requirements, and the water temperature range is 21-25℃.
Yellow Area dew-point temperature is in 20-25℃,Within the range of danger
If the cooling water temperature is set close to the dew point temperature,cooling water temperature should be turn up a little to avoid condensation; If the environment temperature is likely to continue to rise, it is necessary to take actions in accordance with the red zone security measures.
Red Area dew-point temperature>25℃,It is sure to produce dew,Safety measures must be taken before use.
1. If the cooling capacity and flow rate of the water chiller are enough, the water temperature can be raised 1-2 ℃,This method is simple and easy, but the effect is limited.
2. The cabinet is designed to be sealed. and then use the industrial air conditioner to control the temperature and humidity inside the cabinet. make a space for constant temperature and humidity can effectively avoid condensation.
3. If the space and cost are allowed, an air-conditioned room can be built. The installation of lasers and cabinets can effectively prevent condensation.

When the equipment is shut down, it may also be exposed.

1, turn off the laser AC power supply (not just the key switch). Otherwise, the internal standby power will always work, and may overheat protection. The next time the power starts, there will be a power alarm.

2, turn off the water cooler, so that the temperature of the laser body will be close to the ambient temperature, so it will not dew.

Suggestion: the laser is water-cooled with the cutting head. The laser has a low temperature of 21 degrees. The cutting head and optical fiber are cooled by external water, about 30 degrees (depending on temperature and humidity). 30-40mins is best preheated before starting to avoid condensation.


What if the laser produces dew?

1. Wipe the condensate on the laser housing.

2, to the environment cooling and humidity, to achieve the required range;

3, the humidity alarm is eliminated, and it can work normally.

If there are any other alarms, please contact the after-sales service staff of Hua Li Farley. We are waiting for you in the wind, rain and holiday.

After-Sale Service Hotline: +86-27-87925610

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