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Practical!three Tips For Choosing A Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Jan 15.2018
With the development of science and technology, many consumers know that laser marking machine as the most advanced laser marking equipment can improve the efficiency and quality of operation. Because fiber laser marking machine has the advantages of small volume, convenient operation, no maintenance and long service life, high stability and so on, and the price of equipment is also decreasing. The size of the laser equipment company is very large. So how to choose a cost-effective optical fiber laser marking machine? The following let GEM laser analysis.

First, consider the quality of the material on the marking. According to the difference produced by the laser, the laser marking machine has many types, such as fiber, YAG and CO2. For metal products or non-metal products, users should choose the most suitable type of marking machine.

Second, select the laser equipment according to the needs of the products to be processed. Laser devices can be roughly divided into three parts: carving, cutting and marking. They are basically special machines, some of which are multiple functions, and should be chosen according to the main needs.
Third, select the appropriate machine size according to the size of the product to be processed. The choice of the size of the laser marking amplitude is not the greater the better the size of the machine. A large format equipment certainly more expensive, on the other hand, some of the poor quality of the machine equipment in large area on the point of the laser output average degree of instability, resulting in the same table marking product shades, so choose the most appropriate size is correct.

The above are the three tips for selecting and purchasing the optical fiber laser marking machine. When choosing the laser marking equipment, it is not only the quality of the equipment itself and the after-sales service. Quality is the factory configuration collocation, manufacturing details and production concept, Jin bofine engaged in laser marking machine manufacturing, word-of-mouth reputation self-evident. Service depends on the working attitude and technical ability of the after-sale personnel.
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