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PCB Laser Marking Machine Assists The Rapid Development Of PCB Industry

May 30.2018
As an important electronic connector, PCB is almost used in all electronic products, and is considered as the "mother of electronic system products". Its technical changes and market trends have become the focus of many people.

At present, there are two kinds of marking processing of PCB: screen printing and laser marking.

Traditional silk screen printing process is rough, and the logo is easy to fall off, which will cause inconvenience to users. In addition, the silk screen printing process is cumbersome, requiring the operator to replace it in time to ensure the production efficiency and increase the labor cost.

The laser marking machine, with its precision and flexibility, can make up for the shortage of silk printing processing, and gradually become the best tool for PCB marking. It will play an important role in the circuit board industry.

PCB laser marking machine is specially designed for marking bar code, two-dimensional code and character, graphics and other information on printed circuit boards. Using the PCB laser marking machine to mark the information on the circuit board, it can record the related production information of the circuit board, realize the control of the product information in the production process, and reach the full life cycle of the electronic product.

What is the "flash point" of PCB dedicated laser marking machine?

High precision: laser marking fine precision and non-contact processing, on the surface of the material can be less than 0.1mm below the line and 0.5mm characters, numbers, especially suitable for the circuit board such a very small graphic and text identification.

Safety and environmental protection: it produces only a small amount of gas and exhausting through draught. It does not need chemical aid to protect the safety and working environment of the operators as far as possible.

High quality: electronic chip has high requirements for marking quality, clarity and permanence. The laser marking function realizes the permanent and clear marking of the chip, and does not fade out by the factors such as high and low temperature, acid alkali, friction and so on.

In order to match the efficient production requirements of the enterprise, the PCB special laser marking machine can help the circuit board industry to complete the perfect quality traceability control and provide a complete set of laser processing solutions for the circuit board manufacturers.

The input and use of PCB special laser marking machine can make the production efficiency and product yield improve obviously. Using advanced laser marking technology, it can improve the productivity, reduce the cost and reduce the pollution. It is the ideal choice for the PCB marking.

The advantages of the laser marking machine for the GEM laser PCB special laser

PCB laser marking machine high performance laser, with good engraving quality and high precision CCD, can connect to the MES data of customers.

According to customer PCB marking requirements and specific requirements, UV laser, fiber laser and CO2 laser can be provided with three optical paths.

High precision CCD realizes automatic location, reading and grading.

Seamless docking with mature SMT pipeline

It can easily connect to the customer MES system, perform on-line data transmission and information return.

Compared with common inkjet printing, no consumables, no pollution, no maintenance.

With the change of the times, the laser marking is also in constant breakthrough to adapt to the development of the society, gradually replaced the traditional silk printing processing, to bring new vitality to the manufacturing industry in a more convenient way, and tighten the pace of the 4 era of industry.

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