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New Energy Vehicles Exempt From Vehicle Purchase Tax, Laser Welding Power Battery Is More Promising

Mar 09.2018
Last December 26th, the Ministry of finance, the State Administration of Taxation, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of science and technology jointly issued a notice that from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2020, the purchase of new energy vehicles was exempt from vehicle purchase tax. That's a great news for fans of electric cars.

In 2017, China's new energy vehicle output 794 thousand vehicles, sales of 777 thousand vehicles, the output ratio reached 2.7% of the total car output, the first in the world for three years.
The continuous heat of new energy vehicles also brings new opportunities for power battery enterprises. In the three core parts of the new energy vehicle battery, motor and electric control, the power battery occupies the highest proportion in the cost of the whole vehicle, and determines the performance of the vehicle directly. The precision and automation level of the production equipment will directly affect the quality, efficiency and consistency of the battery. As an advanced processing technology, laser welding technology is the best choice for high performance power battery production.

In the field of power battery, GEM laser full use of laser welding technology, break the technological monopoly situation in Japan and South Korea, with a set of laser processing solutions and related facilities for customers, including the electrical core cover plate automatic sealing line, liquid filling port automatic sealing line, pole soft connection automatic welding system, explosion-proof valve welding system and battery group automatic welding system for all industries such as system solutions.
The power battery due to the welding position, welding difficulty, high precision, so the traditional welding methods can not meet the requirements, and laser welding technology due to welding material loss, welding deformation of the workpiece is small, stable performance and easy operation, welding quality and high degree of automation, power battery used in welding field can greatly improve the safety and reliability battery, prolong the service life. As a fusion of the anode material, separator and electrolyte and other raw materials manufacturing process is the key to gather parts into a whole, the whole process of battery production process.

The power battery fully automatic sealing line, through the bar code to identify product categories, automatically extract vacuum, laser cleaning, welding area, automatic sealing and spot welding, continuous welding and post weld inspection, and automate the production line to promote the electric vehicle to intelligent manufacturing.

Laser welding technology is not only widely used in the new energy automotive battery, auto parts, such as the traditional gear transmission, oil filter, air conditioning pulley and the hydraulic tappets are laser welding machine of the figure, even the roof, doors, trunk and hood, tappet, door leaf, car seat and chain sliding parts, automobile airbag liner, automobile cylinder pad welding, welding, cleaner exhaust pipe of automobile clutch, welding and other body parts of the laser welding application has also been widely recognized.

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