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Metal Laser Cutting Machine: Interpretation Of Gorgeous Hollow World!

May 10.2018
The earliest metal crafts in China were the copper crafts that appeared in the middle of the Neolithic period. In the Warring States period, many kinds of metal materials were combined and the metal and non-metallic materials were made. With the development of history and the progress of science and technology, the metal crafts in China have developed rapidly, and the metal laser cutting machine, as a new processing tool, has become a bright spot.

Metal laser cutting machine is equipped with fiber laser. Because of its fast cutting speed, good cutting quality, high precision, simple operation, safety, stable performance, high adaptability and flexibility, numerical control system can cut and depict complex patterns on metal sheet, so it is widely used in metal cutting. In work. Metal and high technology, the combination of the new and the old, have also made metal handicraft an unprecedented charm.

Laser cutting metal moire light light light box, integrated with the built-in LED lighting, setting up the morning glory flowers, peacock grass and potted rose in the flower box, not only can increase the aesthetic feeling of the environment, but also do not affect the driver's safety, the perfect combination of function and decoration.

Laser cutting metal screen
On the south side of Florence, there is a house with flowing water, bamboo, and it is also very artistic, like a museum. The house is covered by a large stainless steel box. The surface is all laser cut out metal plate, also known as "metal lace", light from the hollow hole, beautiful, the money can be so capricious.

Laser cutting metal tea table

The most common in our living room is glass, wood and iron tea, but as people's desire to advocate personality is more and more strong, these traditional materials seem to be difficult to meet the aesthetic pursuit of everyone, and the application of metal materials in home is more extensive. Like this color tea table, it is made of laser cutting carbon steel. The light hollow texture makes the living room beautiful.

The exquisite laser cutting technology makes the original chill metal change through light and shadow, reflecting the exquisite, beautiful and romantic feeling of fashion. Metal laser cutting machine, deduce a magnificent metal hollowed out world, become a variety of life or art, or practical, or aesthetical, or fashion "creators".

In the field of sheet metal processing, Jiaming laser technology precipitation for many years, for the market to contribute a number of cost-effective metal laser cutting machine, the new product GEMQG-3015F series of optical fiber laser cutting machine, is Jiaming laser cutting equipment for the processing station laser cutting equipment to upgrade the needs of customers, the launch of high performance light cutting products. With high cost performance, master the core light source technology, low maintenance cost, can solve the growth type customer investment income ratio, equipment maintenance cost high, let metal products shine new charm.
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