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Metal Laser Cutting Machine Can Be So Beautiful

Apr 02.2018

As an important tool in sheet metal processing, metal laser cutting machine has become the marking equipment for various large processing stations. With the expansion of the application range, the metal laser cutting machine is also developing towards higher power. The metal laser cutting machine in the people's heart represents the advanced processing technology, and it always sends out the cold metal texture. It is not known that metal laser cutting machine can be so beautiful to process metal sheet.

The BLUFISH-APM restaurant in Beijing, with a clear white base, blue powder and other colors interwoven from the top of the ceiling, creates a dreamy underwater world.

In order to echo the theme of the restaurant and express the warm colors in the scene, the designer chose 6 kinds of hand-painted graphics with a few fairy tales to represent the coral, water and fish in the water, and use laser cutting metal mesh to make these patterns, and then superimposition them on the white surface to create the gorgeous, translucent, blur of the underwater image. An unstable visual effect.

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