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License Plate Two-Dimensional Code Amplification Recruit: "Fake License Vehicle " Check The Current!

Aug 09.2018
Two dimensional code, this thing is too familiar to everyone! Now you can sweep the food and shop, log on to WeChat micro-blog, sweep the public bike, and sweep the public.

But do you know? Your license plate can also sweep the two-dimensional code!

It is understood that in the nationwide supplementary license plate, change license plate and other business, has opened a new license plate, a number of car owners have been taken with two-dimensional code "anti-counterfeiting" license plate!

What is the length of a two-dimensional code license plate?

Different from the traditional license plate, the upper left corner of the new license plate has a two-dimensional code, a group of numbers, and a group of numbers and letters mixed code.

What's the use of a two-dimensional code license plate?

The public security department added two dimensional code to the newly produced car license plate, which is mainly to crack down on the behavior of selling fake license plates, and improve the anti counterfeit recognition degree of the vehicle license plate. Now the management of the car management department is more strict and standardized on the production management of the number, from the consumers to select the license plate, to the workshop to make the license plate, and then to the traffic police to check the license plate, the whole process can be connected through the two-dimensional code.

Choose the license plate: after the owner chooses the number of a number, the system will generate the relevant code. Each car has an exclusive license plate, which is equivalent to the vehicle's "identity card".

License plate: only after scanning is confirmed, can the production license plate be started and produced in the workshop. In other words, the staff can not temporarily add a number plate, without the system approval, will enter the production link.

Check the license plate: the traffic police on the road, through the professional equipment scanning the two-dimensional code, can query the vehicle files, ensure the uniqueness of the license plate, so as to increase the strength of the fake cards.

If the license plate is lost or damaged and replaced, the two-dimensional code will be updated as soon as the license plate number remains unchanged, truly "one card one code". The existing license plate can be used without replacement.

Is two-dimensional code license plate safe? Can anyone sweep it?

Unlike ordinary two-dimensional code, the two-dimensional code can only be scanned by a dedicated system, which also ensures the privacy of citizens and prevents the leakage of personal information.

How is the two-dimensional code on the license plate made?

Laser marking as an important direction of laser applications is now commonly used in many fields. The laser printer does not produce extra ink medium and pollute the product. And the laser marking is used for non-contact processing, directly with the material, and the printing marks are clear and delicate, and the durability is very good.

The GEM laser Flying series on-line laser code machine can carry out a point or line high quality laser coding for fast moving products. It has good coding effect for all kinds of non-metallic and partial nonmetallic materials. It is suitable for metal materials, PVC, aluminum film, rubber, plastic, HDPE and other materials after surface treatment. Over the years, we have accumulated rich industry experience, which plays a vital role in safeguarding the rights and interests of consumers in various fields.
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