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Learn These Save A Large Amount Of Maintenance Fee For The Laser Marking Machine

Apr 17.2018
Laser marking machine is a permanent mark printed on various material surfaces by laser beam. Fiber laser marking machine uses fiber laser to generate laser and export laser with optical fiber, and then coordinate with light.
The key part of the workpiece is fiber laser.

The working principle of the laser marking machine:
The material is deep by the evaporation of laser energy to the surface of the target material.
We need to print out the required patterns and characters through the chemical and physical changes of the surface matter caused by laser energy.

Some materials can be burnt by laser energy, and the etched patterns and characters need to be displayed.
The structure of the optical fiber laser marking machine:
Fiber laser, galvanometer (head), software control card, industrial computer, cabinet and horizontal table.
Common problems and simple maintenance methods

1. In the marking process, the mark is not clear
First check the setting of the software parameters is normal, power parameters are adjusted within the scope of the previous production, the frequency is adjusted too high, if the parameters are not adjusted correctly, the parameters can be adjusted.
If the parameters are normal, check the laser power is normal, our factory equipment laser power supply is 24V power, using the universal meter to detect whether the laser power output DC is normal, if not in the normal range, the replacement of 24V power.
The size roundness of the laser emitter is measured with a dimmer, and the spot is normally round, such as the inadequacy of the spot roundness and the only semicircle of the spot. It is the internal luminescent body of the laser without normal work, and the laser is needed to be replaced.

2. In the course of marking, the position of marking is offset
Check whether the output of the galvanometer power supply is normal, the normal value of the output of the factory vibrating mirror is + 15V, and the universal meter is used to check the normal value of the output end of the galvanometer power supply, if it is not in the normal range, and the power supply is replaced.
Check whether there is 220 ground for the galvanometer signal, if not, use signal shielded wire grounding.
Check whether there is interference source nearby, and the production environment should be far away from the source of interference.
If there is no howl when testing the vibrating mirror, if there is no loosening in the vibrating mirror, there is no contact with the signal line. If there is, you need to change the vibrating mirror and replace the vibrating mirror back to the company for maintenance.

3. The identification pattern of the laser marking machine is not clear
The solution is to check whether the thickness of the moulded plate is uniform, whether the molding pressure is too small, whether the temperature is too low, and whether the machine accuracy is down.
The key points of process control: the thickness error of moulded plate should be controlled within 0.O01mm, and the hardness should be kept at 230-280N/mm. Because hologram is molded by pressing a mold roller to a certain pressure.
The interference fringes appear. If the hardness of the moulded plate is not enough, the internal stress will cause deformation or damage of the moulded plate during the stamping process.

4, laser marking machine marking pattern dim and dark
Solution: check whether the heating temperature is too low and whether the molding pressure is down.
The key points of process control: the setting of molding pressure should take into account the molding temperature, the type of holographic material, or the softening point of coating layer, and so on. The pressure is too high, the moulded plate is easily damaged or will be all
The pressure is too low, the pressure is too low, the compression image is not clear and incomplete; for the circular pressure circle, the initial pressure of the pressure rolls on both sides is generally about 0.08MPa; the pressure is slowly pressed after the die pressure is started.
The pressure of the roller is increased evenly to 030 ~ 0.50MPa. The molding speed can be adjusted according to the quality of stamping, machine performance and so on.

5, the marking pattern of the laser marking machine is white
Solution: check whether the molding speed is too slow, and mold temperature is too high.

6, the marking film sticky plate of the laser marking machine
The reason is that the hot pressing temperature is higher than the degradation temperature, and the coating viscosity will increase, which will cause the film to be wrapped on the holographic impression roller.
Solution: reduce the temperature of the hot press.

7, the logo of laser marking machine is clear and fuzzy.
The reason is that the temperature distribution of the hot pressing device is uneven, or the moulded plate is not smooth.
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