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Laser Technology Promotes Electrical Appliances Upgrading In Household Electrical Appliances Industr

Jan 04.2018
In recent years, China's household electrical appliances industry has carried out a series of reform and innovation around the transformation and upgrading. In 2015, the industry to further deepen the pace of transformation and upgrading, all kinds of plant transformation, model innovation achievements, channel construction and rapid development, industrial structure upgrading trend is obvious, more and more technology, more innovative, better use of the product significantly improved the proportion, oriented by the significant trends in consumer upgrades, high-end, intelligent market for injection new vitality.

Every year during the National Day is the selling season of the household electrical appliance industry. Many citizens take advantage of the national day to replace old appliances, and the demand for household appliances such as TV sets, refrigerators, washing machines and water heaters is also booming.
Over the past decades, household appliances have been updated and replaced by new and old ones. From the luxury that represents family wealth to the daily necessities of every family, the laser technology helps.
Laser technology is to irradiate the laser beam to the surface of the workpiece, and the high energy of the laser to remove, melt the material and change the surface performance of the object. Because laser processing is contactless processing, it has small damage to workpieces, and has the advantages of high efficiency, no pollution, high accuracy and small heat affected zone. So it is very suitable for manufacturing light and beautiful household appliances.

Laser cutting efficiency
In the home appliance industry, the traditional use of argon arc welding or brazing, but traditional welding appearance is poor, have brought great difficulty to the next process, while laser welding appearance is smooth, small thermal deformation, material saving, simple treatment after welding, grinding or polishing can be finished appearance. For example, it is used in the cutting of the alloy box of the washing machine, the refrigerator, the air conditioner and so on, the drilling and cutting of the metal parts and the plastic parts.
Compared with traditional processing technology, laser cutting can improve product quality, reduce production cost, reduce labor intensity and create better economic benefits, which is favored by many home appliance manufacturers.
Fine quality of laser welding
Laser laser welding machine Jin bofine launched high welding efficiency, small heat affected zone, solid solder joint appearance, welding of refractory material for micro parts, precision welding, spot welding and repair welding of different mould. Because the welding spot after processing is extremely fine, smooth and beautiful, it has been praised by the customer that "welding technology can be called seamless".
Laser marking to improve appearance
PET, PVC, copperplate paper and other materials are often used for the parameter labels on electrical appliances. It is necessary to make labels first and then by artificial stickup, and the efficiency is low and the labels are easily tore. You can mark on the surface of laser printing of various materials, the materials will not cause corrosion, no wear, no poison, no pollution, can play a variety of characters and symbols or complex patterns, the character size is from millimeter to micron level, marking the handwriting clear and eye-catching, permanent can not be erased.
In China's well-known brand laser and automation Wong as an example, gemming laser marking machine is a non-contact processing step mode, automatic positioning code, efficient operation. The company has developed and produced many kinds of home appliance laser marking machines. The focus spot is very small, which can reduce the deformation of household appliances, high peak power, small pulse width, small heat treatment effect and no obvious burn marks, so as to enhance the appearance and grade of products. In addition, because of the use of laser marking, no need to manual, basically no consumables, can effectively reduce pollution, one-time operation, reduce production costs.
Laser processing technology in the home appliance industry's large coverage, digitalization and intellectualization of science and technology revolution has further promoted the transformation of traditional industries, and the Internet economy has brought historic opportunities. As long as we recognize the direction of transformation and upgrading, grasp the development opportunities and use advanced laser manufacturing technology, we will stand at a new height and achieve sustained, healthy and stable development.

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