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Laser Processing Is Efficient And Flexible, And The Parameters Of Equipment Are Very Important

Jan 16.2018
More and more enterprises are starting to use laser cutting holes because of the flexibility and efficiency of laser processing. The 500W fiber laser cutting machine has a distance of 90 meters per minute, which is enough for many sheet metal processing plants to meet the high speed demand. Besides, the circular hole section processed by laser is more smooth, and the diameter of the round hole can also be modified to meet the diverse needs of factories.

However, it is not very simple to use a laser cutting machine to process a circular hole, but it takes some skill. Below let the engineer of the laser cut round holes to analyze the reasons and points for attention.

Air pressure is not suitable
In the process of blowing gas, when the pressure is too small, there will be slag scraping and carbonization on the edge, and the pressure is too large and the hole is easy to burst. So this requires the perfect coordination of the craft planner and the machine, and the choice of the right pressure by experience, so that the hole of the cutting is more full.

Round hole too small
The best way for laser cutting machine to cut circular holes is the ratio of round holes to 1:1. That is to say, the ratio of 1:1 to the thickness of the holes is about 0%. Of course, this ratio means that the bigger the hole is, the easier to cut the circular holes with high quality. Otherwise, when the energy of the optical fiber laser cutting machine is insufficient, the cutting holes are easily left out of the breakpoint and the circular hole is not round.

Error of servo motor parameter
The ellipse or irregular phenomenon sometimes appears in the round hole, which is related to the mismatch of the X\Y axis motion. The direct reason for the X\Y axis motion mismatch is that the parameter adjustment of the servo motor is not suitable. So the quality of cutting round holes is also required for the servo motor.

Precision error of guide and screw lead
If the parameter error of the servo motor affects the cutting quality, the accuracy error of the guide and screw can also directly cause the precision of the circular hole to be less than expected. This is related to the strength of laser cutting machine manufacturers. Usually, some small factories will deceive customers, say that the accuracy of laser cutting machine can reach 0.1mm, but in fact, in practice, the quality and effect of laser drilling will not be good, which will affect the added value of products. So it is necessary to choose the high quality and select the big brand

laser cutting machine.
All these parameters are used to identify the accuracy and speed of cutting round holes and so on. Whether the parameters meet the requirements of standards is enough to identify whether the quality of the laser cutting machine is going through. So, customers must open their eyes in the process of buying laser cutting machines.
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