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Laser Processing Into Real Social Productivity Gem Laser To Lead The Industry Frontiers

Dec 21.2017
Laser processing is an advanced production technology, which is called "the fastest knife, the most accurate ruler". Now, when the laser is in our lives in a wide variety of forms, it has become "the brightest light". This high-tech laser term by the "highbrow" to the real social productivity, "the development of high-tech, realize industrialization" has become a reality China laser processing industry. GEM laser has been in the forefront of the industry in the past 7 years and has been expanding overseas to get high praise from customers.


After nearly 7 years of grind and development, we won't forget our original mind, steady progress and expand the laser industry. We have passed the ISO quality management system certification, and all kinds of products have CE certification and the third party authentication of the intellectual property system. In recent years, leading the laser total of 70 patents, including 39 patents have been authorized, authorized 13 patents; the company has won the "ALAT2013 laser industry contribution award", "outstanding contribution award" Carl Jung ALT "Technology Innovation Award" and "excellent forging, stamping and sheet metal production equipment supplier award"; lengcong from its laser cutting performance and machining process and equipment to the convenience of human-computer interaction, continuous optimization, set up high power laser processing equipment for the leading position in the industry gradually.

"Before 2010, the high-power laser equipment industry still belongs to the high profit and high return industry. However, due to the low investment and technology threshold and massive influx of funds, the market is showing a vicious competition. In recent years, the frequent merger and reorganization of laser industry at home and abroad is due to the fact that the low level and repeated investment in the laser industry seriously lead to the coexistence of industrial surplus and industrial transformation and upgrading. There are also people in the industry that the demand for equipment in the market is gradually increasing, from 4kw, 6kW to 8kw, 10kW, 12KW, and some of the customers' demand is higher.

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