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Laser Marking Machine Walks into School Junior Middle School Students'Self-made Laser Business Card

Sep 10.2019
People's first impression of laser equipment is often high-end, black technology, industrial products. Nowadays, with the development of technology, more and more laser equipment is integrated into people's lives, and we can feel the convenience of science and technology in detail.

On June 16, Wuhan Dongxihu Vocational School held the 22nd Skills Festival. For the first time, junior high school students were invited to enter the school's high-tech training room, so that they could experience career education on the front line.

At the event site, the laser marking machine attracted the students'attention. Everyone was interested in laser, an invisible "light knife". Ruan Chen-tao, a 17-year-old student majoring in numerical control in Vocational school, acts as a "little teacher", demonstrating how to make business cards with pictures and texts on a metal sheet the size of a business card by using a laser marker.

Students began to try one after another. They input their names, schools, mailboxes and other information on the computer. After typesetting, they click on the mouse, the red light flashes on the metal sheet, and a laser business card is completed in an instant.

If laser marking metal business cards are not common in life, then you must have seen the following laser marking gifts.

From industrial applications to customized life, laser marking machine, as the leader of the laser industry, is integrated into people's lives, becoming a tool of DIY for geeks and a magic weapon for entrepreneurs to dig gold.

This is because compared with other laser equipment, the basic laser marking machine price is more people-friendly, a medium power laser cutting machine price is hundreds of thousands of yuan, and a basic laser marking machine price is less than 20,000 yuan, the procurement threshold is low.

In addition, the compact shape of the small laser marking machine, easy to move, an adult can move, can easily put into the trunk of the car, free from the restrictions of industrial equipment.

Take Gem Laser Portable Laser Marking Machine as an example. The equipment weighs less than 40 kilograms and has a pull ring on the top. It is really portable and portable. Portable laser marking machine into the school is only a microcosm of the laser into life, there will be more and more laser equipment to bring us new surprises in the future.
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