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Laser Marking Machine To Create High Quality And Good Looking Products

Dec 22.2017
Talking about the laser marking, do people feel strange? Tell them: cell phone shell, LOGO, character introduction, bar code, keyboard, TV, switch, fridge, washing machine, bottle, and printing on clothes. They are all masterpieces of laser marking machine.

Laser marking high quality and good looking

With the development of science and technology, people on the quality of the products have become increasingly demanding, application of laser marking has become increasingly widespread, traditional printing ink or paper label, easy to fade and there are security risks, and the use of laser marking out of the keyboard, never back shell color, and safety and environmental protection.
In addition to the quality, the people's aesthetic interest is also getting higher and higher. Look at the traditional ink jet drawing of the LOGO, text, icons, and then look at the effect of laser marking, instantly feel that his force is not only a bit enhanced.

high efficiency of laser marking

Why is the laser marking so fast that it has been integrated into all aspects of our life?
The quality of the laser marking is good has been said, and everyone is also obvious!
The most important thing is the high efficiency of laser marking.
Laser marking saves expensive consumables such as "inkjet" in traditional marking. It saves a lot of cost and improves efficiency and quality at the same time. It's really done quickly and well.
Laser marking has the characteristics of high marking accuracy, fast speed and clear marking. It can print all kinds of characters, symbols and patterns on the surfaces and surfaces of all kinds of products. Laser marking is compatible with the various advantages of laser marking and carving. It can be processed in various kinds of materials and processing complex patterns with small size. The print mark has an anti - counterfeiting performance that is never worn.

Private customization by laser marking

If you can also make a private reservation to yourself, where would you choose to engraved and what patterns would you engraved?
My own name, two dimensional code, custom-made gifts for friends!
But first, you have to have a laser marking machine.
GEM laser in the industry leader for many years, has developed a variety of laser marking machine for clients to choose from, meet different processing requirement. Let the customer maximize the production efficiency and reduce the cost.
GEM laser marking machine series equipment, can be easily integrated into the original production line, without changing the original production process, which can meet the requirements of large-scale continuous production, even production line conditions are very complicated, they can run freely. 24 hours of continuous operation, the laser maintenance time is long.
With the development of laser technology in the future, laser marking technology will be widely used in more and more fields.

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