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Laser Marking Machine Assembled With Automatic Feeding System

Feb 27.2018

Just as its name implies, laser marking is to use laser beam to evaporate the surface matter and expose deep matter, or to cause traces of chemical and physical changes of surface matter, or burn some materials by optical energy, and display the graphics and characters needed for etching.

In real life, there are many objects in our life including laser marking, for example, the back of the mobile phone shell, the metal jewelry worn, the instructions on the switch button, all kinds of screws and shaft.

Marking process is a common production process in the process of production and assembly of the workpiece. In the traditional technology, marking process is manual operation, the specific process is as follows: first, through manual operation in the label paper label printing ink (for recording work batch, serial number and security code, etc.) and the printing paper label affixed on the workpiece by manual operation.

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This traditional marking technology has the following deficiencies in the application:
1) label paper waterproof performance is poor, easy to produce in the specific application of shedding phenomenon;
2) manual operation there is human error, easy to cause the wrong label printing phenomenon;
3) manual operation efficiency is low, and not conducive to save labor.

The beat of the whole equipment is 6S/ (products in place 1S, air claw clamping and positioning 1S, laser marking 3S, air paws retract 1S), which greatly saves time and costs, and also reduces the occurrence of defective products.

Laser marking machine assembled automatic feeding by GEM, It is not only to design the equipment for the customers, but also to design the equipment that can be connected to the production line according to the situation of the customer's workshop.

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