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Laser Cutting Small Metal Objects To Create Quality Life

Mar 12.2018
In the field of industry, laser cutting machine has gradually become the main production mode in sheet metal processing because of its high speed and high efficiency. But such a huge monster is not far from our life. All kinds of small objects cut by laser can also provide convenience for people and bring joy to life.

Laser cutting metal lamps

The ordinary desk lamps should take up a lot of place, and the possibility of overturning the ground is also inadvertently. The folding lamp laser cutting, minimalist will play to the extreme, basically remove all traditional light unnecessary parts, only by making a piece of metal and can be hung on the wall takes place is also very small, unique style is definitely eye-catching is.

Laser cutting metal hooks

A small metal hook, seemingly simple but can make full use of the door is Home Furnishing storage space, the use of laser cutting tool, metal cutting machine, hollow villain, clever birds and flowers, any graphics forming a saved mold step, laser cutting metal hooks have more creative.

Laser cutting of metal plate

The exquisite life even a fruit can not be sloppy, abandon the traditional rigid form, laser cutting metal platter alive. It is made up of a single stainless steel rectangular module. Metal plates are cut by laser and welded together to ensure more durable and durable. Through the perforation of the gap between the geometric elements, the magical effects of light and shadow are created.

Laser cutting metal comb

A good comb should be like a dressy watch, a gold Cufflinks that reflect the taste has become one of the essential items, gentlemen. Each piece of daily necessities should be like a durable sculpture and design products, this one from Chicago comb, combines modern laser cutting technology and traditional handicraft techniques, the former can guarantee the precise and meticulous comb comb, the latter is the one and only let each.

Advantage of laser cutting
Effect: laser cutting is the "non-contact processing", will not crush the workpiece. It has a smooth cut and no burr. It can save the deburring process directly relative to the traditional processing.
Automation: laser cutting is automatic matching with NC system. Only by importing the graphics of the workpiece into special cutting software, or directly drawing by software, it can simply cut out the sample to be designed.
Easy to operate: compared with the traditional cutting process, the laser cutting process is simple. There is no need for a large number of labor, people operating machines, equipment work.
Laser cutting machine, giving a variety of small objects to new ideas, changing not just appearance, but also the quality of life.
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