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Laser Cutting Sheet Metal:this Is The Case Of A Metal Box Cabinet.

Apr 24.2018
The cabinets for power and communication in urban streets concentrate on the computer mainframe boxes of power supply, mainframe, main board, hard disk drive, floppy disk drive and so on. In daily life, the chassis cabinet is not very conspicuous, but plays an important role.

The cabinet is usually processed with sheet metal. The sheet metal has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, good electrical conductivity, low cost and good mass production performance. It plays the role of anti pressure, shock proof, radiation protection and electromagnetic interference. It is suitable for network engineering, wiring engineering, communication system and other industries. The design and processing of chassis cabinet not only affect the protection function, but also affect the overall performance of the equipment.

The traditional machine cabinet processing technology is the common sheet metal processing, including CNC punch press, NC scissors, flame cutting, high pressure water cutting, and so on, all of which have advantages and disadvantages. Nowadays, the market is increasing the beauty of the product, the complexity of the cutting workpiece and the speed of the new product are speeding up, and the traditional processing method is obviously hard to be concerned.

With the development of laser cutting technology, the more efficient and high quality optical fiber laser cutting has gradually replaced these traditional processes, and become the ideal choice for machine cabinet processing.

Advantages of optical fiber laser cutting machine:

- good processing effect: fiber laser cutting machine has fast cutting speed and smooth incision, and generally does not need post-processing.

A wide range of applications: most of the metal materials, no matter how complex graphics processing, can be one-time precision rapid prototyping.

- processing cost is low: the use of software mapping and cutting work, without the need for mold, not only to realize the diversification of the product, but also save the cost of mold, greatly reduce the production cost.

In the field of laser metal laser cutting for many years, with more than 20 years of technical research and development and application experience, the GEMQJ-3015 series of high performance cost-effective and high performance laser cutting machines for sheet metal processing industry - a series of numerical control fiber laser cutting machines, which can effectively solve the problems of the growth type customer investment income ratio and the high cost of equipment maintenance. It is a well deserved machine tool for processing cabinet electrical cabinet.

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