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Laser Cutting Of The 7 Metal Effect Is Good, But Some Tips To Remember!

Apr 19.2018
carbon steel

Because carbon steel contains carbon, light reflection is not strong, absorption beam is very good, carbon steel is the most suitable for laser cutting machine in all metal materials, and it is the best effect. So carbon steel laser cutting machine has an unshaken position in the process of carbon steel processing.

The application of carbon steel is more and more extensive. The maximum thickness of the carbon steel plate can be cut up to 20MM by modern laser cutting machine. The cutting seam of carbon steel by oxidation and melting cutting mechanism can be controlled in a satisfactory width range, and the slit of the thin plate can be narrowed to about 0.1MM.

Stainless steel

Laser cutting stainless steel uses the energy released by the laser beam to the surface of the steel plate to melt and evaporate the stainless steel. For the manufacturing of stainless steel sheet as the main component, laser cutting of stainless steel is a fast and effective processing method. The most important technological parameters affecting stainless steel cutting quality are cutting speed, laser power, air pressure and so on.

Compared with low carbon steel, stainless steel cutting needs high laser power and oxygen pressure, while stainless steel cutting has a satisfactory cutting effect, but it is difficult to obtain complete slit without slag. Most of them will use high pressure nitrogen and laser beam coaxial injection to blow away molten metal so that the cutting surface will not be shaped. Any oxide. This is a good method, but it costs more than traditional oxygen cutting. One way to replace pure nitrogen is to use filtered workshop compressed air, which is made up of 78% nitrogen.

When laser cutting mirror stainless steel, laser film is needed to prevent severe scalding.

Aluminum and alloy

Although laser cutting machine can be widely used in various metal and non-metallic materials processing. However, some materials, such as copper, aluminum and its alloys, cause laser cutting to be difficult to machine because of their high reflectivity.

At present, the laser cutting of aluminum plate is widely used in fiber laser and YAG laser. These two equipment, whether it is cutting aluminum or cutting other materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel and so on, have a good performance, but also can not process the thicker aluminum. The thickest 6000W can be cut to 16mm, 4500W cut to 12mm, but the processing cost is high. The auxiliary gas is mainly used to blow away the melting products from the cutting area, usually obtaining better tangent quality. For some aluminum alloys, it is necessary to prevent the occurrence of intergranular micro cracks on the surface of the slit.

Copper and alloy

Pure copper (copper) can not be cut by CO2 laser beam because of its high reflectivity. Brass (copper alloy) uses higher laser power and auxiliary gas uses air or oxygen to cut thinner plates.

Titanium and alloy

The laser cutting quality of titanium alloy commonly used in aircraft manufacturing industry is better. Although there are a little slag on the bottom of the slit, it is easy to clean. Pure titanium can be well coupled with the heat energy converted by focused laser beam. The chemical reaction of auxiliary gas with oxygen is intense and the cutting speed is faster, but it is easy to generate oxidation layer on the cutting edge, and too careless will cause excessive burning. In order to be safe, it is better to use air as auxiliary gas to ensure the quality of cutting.

Alloy steel

The majority of alloy structural steel and alloy tool steel using laser cutting method to obtain good cutting quality. Even with some high strength materials, straight and sticky slag trimming can be obtained as long as the process parameters are properly controlled. However, for high speed tool steels and hot die steels containing tungsten, there will be corrosion and slag sticking in laser cutting machines.

Nickel alloy

Nickel based alloys, also known as superalloys, have a wide variety of varieties. Most of them can be oxidized and melted.
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