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Laser Cutting Machine Do Not Dmission Laser, Don't Flurried!

Mar 21.2018
In the process of using fiber laser cutting machine, we occasionally encounter the situation that the laser cutting machine doesn't light. When it comes to this kind of failure, the first thing to do is to check the machine by ourselves. It can be carried out in the following 5 steps.

1, check whether the water is normal circulation, let the water circulate normally, if the water protection is bad, the water can be used to protect the water.

2, point preset to see whether the ammeter swaying. If not swaying, if there is no 220V power input with multimeter, if there is no light, it may be power failure and need to be replaced.

3, you can also test the water protection of the GND earth wire and the P water protection section on the power supply. If the +5v and AIN are short circuited to check the output maximum power, Kade Hikaru, the potentiometer is broken, and needs to be replaced.

4, if the main program is not luminous, the connection card can use the multimeter to measure 15 (H) or 16 (L) angle and whether there is more than 3V voltage between the 14 corners. If there is, the card is normal, and it is not possible that the signal of the card is defective.

5, there is a noise in the laser power supply, which is usually bad for the contact of the power supply joint, re welding or connecting, and then blowing the dust in the power supply.

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1, check the machine's laser power switch (green switch) is open;

2, check whether the cold water machine is open, check the light signal of the cold water machine, the control signal and the water protection signal is normal.

3, check the laser tube is normal, weak light (purple) is abnormal, normal pink, laser tube water flow is normal;

4, check the laser light path is normal, according to the light to check whether the laser tube is bright, bright and the laser head is not light, then the optical path has a problem.

5, check the button panel light is normal, check the machine operation panel, power is correct, or the computer software parameters are correct;

6, check the laser power fan does not turn, do not turn to replace the power supply;

7, check whether the light is directly from the laser power supply. If the laser tube and laser power are normal, the laser power will be damaged if it doesn't light up. Then it needs to replace the power supply.

8. Whether the voltage is less than 200V.

Laser cutting machine is not out of light during operation

1, check whether the fiber laser cutting machine water tank alarm.

(1) alarm, the water intake behind the water tank, the outlet is connected with a pipe, and the water tank is electrified to see if the alarm is allowed. If you call the alarm, the water tank is broken. If there is no alarm, it is the water cut of the fiber laser cutting machine is not smooth, check whether the water pipe is bent or is pressed by things, whether there is any impurity in the water tank (replacing the purified water of the tank).

(2) do not alarm, check whether the power fan of the optical fiber laser cutting machine is turning. The power fan of the optical fiber laser cutting machine is turned, and the laser power is short connected with the wire.

2, optical fiber laser cutting machine is out of light.

(1) when the light is out, the line on the motion control card is loose or the motion control card is broken (replacing the board).

(2) no light, the laser power is bad. (rarely, fiber laser cutting machine is bad). (check whether the high voltage end of fiber laser cutting machine has the phenomenon of sparking. Fire easily burns the laser power and electronic components of the card. Fiber laser cutting machine power supply fan does not turn, with pencil test of laser power supply 220V port, if there is power. Electricity, laser power supply is bad (repair or replace the power); no electricity, check the optical fiber laser cutting machine power switch and line problems.

The above is a brief analysis of the optical fiber laser cutting machine without light failure, and some suggestions, hoping to help you.
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