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Laser Also Helps Environmental Protection: Chatting About Plastic Products

Jun 11.2018
More than 8 million tons of plastic are poured into the ocean every year. Every minute, more than 1 million plastic bags are used worldwide. The average working life of each plastic bag is only 15 minutes, and their degradation needs 1000. Because of its inability to degrade naturally, it has become the first enemy of human beings, and has also led to the tragedy of many animal deaths.

However, in industry, plastics, compared with other materials, have the advantages of light weight, excellent chemical stability, excellent electrical insulation, wide distribution of mechanical strength and high specific strength, and become the most commonly used packaging materials and are widely used in daily life.

In addition to the environmental problems caused by degradation of plastics, the marking of plastic packaging also brings about pollution problems that can not be ignored. It turns out that the trademark, bar code and numbering of plastic products are usually processed by printing, labeling, stamping and shrinkable packaging, or mechanical processing on the surface of plastic. This method is not only inefficient, but also requires higher cost of consumables and serious pollution in the process of addition.

In 2017, the total output of plastic products in China was 75 million 155 thousand tons, up 3.4%. With the expansion of the application range of the plastic material, the marking mode of the material was updated, and the traditional printing ink was further upgraded to the advanced laser marking.

The laser marking machine accumulating huge energy on plastic products through the laser beam, so as to effectively mark some logo, graphic, factory information, product parameters and use instructions on plastic. It overcomes the problems of high pollution, high consumables, high barrier, high maintenance and easy elimination of traditional ink jet code. It has become an indispensable processing tool in the plastics market.

GEM laser ultraviolet laser marking machine adopts short wavelength and high quality ultraviolet laser. It has small focus spot, little heat effect and better marking effect. This series of products has an incomparable advantage for the fine quality of plastic products. This equipment is mainly used to print Chinese characters, English, digital, production batch number, production date, validity period, LOGO, real-time clock information, anti-counterfeit and anti channeling digital, so as to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry GMP and the food industry HACCP.

With the characteristics of light weight, durability, beauty and low cost, plastics have replaced a large number of traditional packaging materials, which has contributed to a revolution in the packaging industry. But the environmental impact of plastic products can not be ignored. Laser play its own unique advantages to protect the environment, we also remind ourselves that we choose a more environmentally friendly way of processing plastic, as far as possible to reduce the use of plastic products.

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