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Jack Ma Launched A Big Attack. No One Drugstore Is Coming. Are You Ready?

Jul 11.2018
I remember Ma Yun said, "it's only healthy to defeat Ali."

On the one hand, it shows that Ma's self-confidence is not afraid of any opponent, on the other hand, Ma's attention to health and the current situation of medicine that he wants to change. This time, Ma Yun first entered the pharmacy industry, a few days ago Alipay and Zhang Zhongjing big drugstore combined to create the national first wisdom Drugstore "Alipay future Drugstore". "Alipay's future Drugstore" is different from traditional drugstores. It introduces more Internet tools, not only to pay for face payment, but also for medical medicine to be done online video.

The future drugstore is the joint launch of Alipay and traditional drugstores, we have to open the brush face function in Alipay, to the drugstore direct brush face can be deducted from the Alipay to complete the payment. Not only that, if we bind our social security card, we can also choose the function of withholding money from social security card and pay directly with the money of social security card. This can save identity cards, social security cards, mobile phone verification and other tedious objects and procedures.

"Alipay future Drugstore" is a 24 - hour store, because it does not sell drugs, and does not need manual duty. So even if some people are in the mausoleum to buy medicine at 12 points, you don't have to worry about the problem of closing the door. This convenience can solve many of our small medical problems in our life, and no more drugs can not be bought at night. Another convenience, "Alipay's future pharmacy" also launched a 1 hour drug delivery service in the city, which is a great convenience for the inconvenient patients, and it is just as easy to buy medicine as a takeout.

Of course, if the "future Drugstore" mode fails to ensure that the source of the drug is reliable and the quality is guaranteed, it will be difficult for consumers to win the trust of the consumers. It is the best way for users to trust users to identify their authenticity effectively. This needs to improve the ability of anti counterfeiting labels, and establish a sound drug traceability system.

The laser code printer will act as a "security guard" again, so that fake and shoddy will not escape. After being transported, loaded and stored, medical markings will become hard to identify and easily impersonate by people with ulterior motives. The laser marking effect is clear, easy to identify, hard to erase and difficult to copy, which can effectively prevent the action of smearing and tampering with labels. At the same time, now widely used in all walks of life, the two-dimensional code mark can easily record the production information of the product, so that it can be easily traced back.

The "flying" line laser code machine launched by the GEM laser can efficiently high quality two-dimensional code laser code. It only needs to be set up on the specific "operating system". It can easily realize "one thing and one code", so that the source of medicine can be traced, and the drug can be traced back. The whole process is safe to use.
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