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Incredible! Laser Cutting Machine Into High School New Curriculum Standard!

Oct 31.2018
Recently, the Ministry of Education issued the curriculum standards of general high school curriculum plan and Chinese (2017 Edition). In the "17-1834 General Technical Curriculum Standards for Senior High Schools" and "17-1847 Information Technology Curriculum Standards for Senior High Schools" two documents, laser cutting machine is included.

The new curriculum pays more attention to students'creativity development and technological inventions. We can choose technological inventions closely related to life, encourage children to create experience actively, and learn to use 3D printers, laser cutting machines, electric soldering iron and other innovative tools.

After years of development, laser cutting machine has been widely used in industrial production, from the high-end process luxurious to many industries in the standard.

1. Sheet metal processing

The advantages of high efficiency and high quality of laser cutting machine have played a full role in sheet metal processing, making sheet metal processing get rid of the original high cost, many manpower, low efficiency processing.

2. Automotive industry
Whether it is white body in automobile manufacturing, or automotive parts, are indispensable to laser cutting figure, laser cutting machine once formed, processing effect is higher, fully meet the needs of the automotive industry assembly line production.

3. Advertising industry
Advertising industry updating speed, high customization rate, low efficiency of traditional processing technology, laser cutting machine has gradually become the mainstream in the advertising industry, no matter what kind of words, can be quickly cut out.

In addition, laser cutting machine is widely used in rail transit, aerospace, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, cabinet, fitness equipment and other industries. Jiaming laser technology in the field of laser cutting machine research and development precipitation for many years, has launched a number of widely recognized plane laser cutting equipment, the future with the popularity of laser cutting machine, Jiaming laser will continue to bring more efficient, stable, cost-effective laser cutting products to the market.

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