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In The Next 10 Years, The Market Demand Of China's Laser Cutting Machine Will Reach More Than 10 Bil

May 21.2018
In the next 10 years, the market demand of China's laser cutting machine will reach more than 10 billion yuan.

Since twentieth Century, after the atomic energy, the computer, the semiconductor, the laser is another great invention of the human being, which is called "the fastest knife", "the most accurate ruler", "the brightest light". With the rapid development of laser manufacturing technology worldwide, there is still a big gap between domestic and international advanced laser technology.

2018 the depth study of laser cutting machine in the global and Chinese markets shows that, although the laser industry is developing rapidly, the high-end laser products are still occupied by the multinational enterprises in the United States, Japan and Germany, and the domestic enterprises are dominated by the low end products market. Taking the market of small and medium power cutting machine as an example, the medium and small power laser cutting equipment industry in China is still in the early stage of growth. The size of the domestic laser equipment manufacturing enterprises is generally small. The laser equipment manufacturing enterprises with annual sales revenue of more than 100 million yuan are not much, the main market is the big ethnic group Yue Ming, Jinyun laser, Bo industry laser and open day technology. Four enterprises occupied.

Share of domestic small and medium power cutting manufacturers (unit:%)

Laser cutting machine is used to irradiate the workpiece through a focused high-power density beam. The laser power density at the focal point of the spot can reach 106 ~ 109W / cm2. It can produce a local high temperature above 10000 degrees centigrade, so that the workpiece is vaporized instantaneously, and then the vaporized metal is blown away with the auxiliary gas, so that the workpiece is worn out of a very small size. With the movement of CNC machine tools, numerous holes are connected to the target shape. Because the frequency of laser cutting is very high, the connection of each small hole is very smooth, and the finished products are highly polished. Now we analyze the market size of laser cutting machine from the two competitive points of the brand.

1, the difference of brand demand

The purpose of brand differentiation of laser cutting machines is to transform the core strengths or individual differences of the products into brands so as to meet the individual needs of the target customers. The successful laser cutting machine brand has a differential feature, which is different from the competitor, and then connects the brand difference with the customer's psychological needs in a consistent form. Through this way, the brand positioning information is accurately conveyed to the market, and a favorable position is occupied in the heart of the potential customers. The purpose is to create and train certain characteristics for the laser cutting machine products, rich personality, set up a unique market image, in order to distinguish the competitors, effectively determine the product in the eyes of the customer's neutral position. In the trend of laser cutting machine and product more and more homogenization, more and more similar products, more and more fierce competition. In order to break through, enterprises must select their own brand positioning strategy according to the actual needs, and find the appropriate market position for their own enterprises and products.

2. The quality of the brand is king

A laser cutting machine brand reputation is high, can get the praise of customers, must be derived from good quality and perfect service, this is the foundation of the brand, without good quality and perfect service guarantee, good brand will also be spit on by the customer. This is manifested in the market as a customer who buys products from a laser cutting machine and enthusiastically recommends that the brand can continue to buy and recommend to others. Improving the quality of products and services is the premise to enhance the brand. It is directly related to whether it can become a real brand and famous brand.

In 2016, the market demand for construction machinery in China will reach 300 billion yuan, and the laser cutting machine with large surface thickness steel plate will be widely applied in the construction machinery industry of our country. With the rapid development of the global laser manufacturing technology, the gap between China and the international laser technology has increased. The high end laser processing equipment is almost entirely dependent on the import, resulting in the foreign laser manufacturing equipment in China's market share up to 70%. It is estimated that in the next 10 years, China's market demand for these high-performance laser cutting systems will reach more than 10 billion yuan. (source: China report hall)

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