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I have heard that you haven't prepared a gift for the seventh birthday. This gift guaranteed her hea

Aug 20.2018
I have heard that you haven't prepared a gift for the seventh birthday. This gift guaranteed her heartbeat. Surprise is a luxury in modern urban life.

No exaggeration.

As a child, a pack of ice lolly snacks and a beautiful eraser can harvest a pair of blinking stars.

Nowadays, lipstick bags or SLR watches, plus a romantic candlelight dinner, don't set off a storm.

It's so hard to make a surprise by a gift!

How can gifts be given to the TA on the top of the heart?

One,Lovers Watch
The meaning of sending watches is always around you.
A pair of lovers watches indicate that they are not separated for a lifetime, and that they cherish our minutes.

Two, electric toothbrush.

Experiments show that the electric toothbrush removes 38% more plaque than the manual toothbrush, and its cleaning ability has been unanimously affirmed by dental experts. Electric toothbrush has set off a revolution in the field of oral health care abroad, but it has not been popularized in China.

To send an electric toothbrush to your loved ones is not only fashionable but also expressing your love and care. Why not?

Three. Mechanical keyboard

The position of the mechanical keyboard in boys'minds is equivalent to lipstick in girls' minds, because the mechanical keyboard plays the game experience completely ordinary keyboard. If you don't know what to give a boy, a good mechanical keyboard might be a good choice, but be careful: there's a risk of being robbed of his boyfriend by the game.

Four. Intelligent appliances

On Valentine's day, I tell you the love of her: "I will help you to wash the dishes and mop the floor later."

I believe there is no more moving promise than this, and there is no more realistic declaration of love.

To achieve this commitment, we need only a dishwasher and a sweeping robot integrated with sweeping and towing.

What? Are these gifts not special enough?

So Xiaobian teaches you a killer: laser customization.

Lasers can be used to mark metals, plastics, paper boxes, ceramics and other materials. Whether it is electronic products, household goods, household appliances, all kinds of gifts you want to give can try to mark a unique mark on them by laser.

Laser customized gifts

Laser marking is clear and delicate, not only does not destroy the beauty of the gift, but adds a bit of high sense. More importantly, laser marking can maintain decades of non-shedding, non-wear, and thus become a witness of your life love!
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