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How To Improve The Efficiency Of The Cnc Laser Cutting Machine?

May 02.2018
The most important difference between CNC laser cutting machine and hand held cutting and imitation cutting is that its cutting speed is fast and cutting accuracy is high. But many users after buying CNC cutting machine, but reflects that the processing efficiency has not been greatly improved, what is the reason?

In the final analysis, the main reason is that customers do not understand the relevant knowledge of CNC laser cutting machine, and can not use it skillfully. In view of these conditions, we mainly focus on the following four points:

1. there is no automatic cutting process and cutting parameter database on CNC system.

Cutting workers can only rely on experience and eyes, through manual operation of CNC cutting machine, can not achieve automatic perforation and automatic cutting, the cutting machine consumption efficiency is naturally very low.

2. it is not suitable to use the cutting method.

In the cutting setting, the cutting method is too simple, the single part should be perforated, and all must be cut well. The cutting efficiency is low, and the cutting efficiency is low, and the waste material (especially the plasma cutting nozzle) is wasted.

3. no application of nesting software leads to low data utilization rate.

Not using the package software, but in the numerical control system to call parts or read parts to stop manual programming, stop part of cutting, so it is not only wasting time, but also more waste of data. Therefore, the device is not only time-saving, but also saving CNC cutting machine.

4. numerical control system is unstable and sluggish.

Because of the CPU and hard disk heating of the CNC system, the system is unstable, or the fan wear, the hard disk vibration or the virus damage, causing the stagnation of the consumption, and may be the defects of the cutting control software of the numerical control system, present the fault or the cutting error, also delay the cutting and elimination, and affect the quality of the cutting.

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