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How To Identify The High End Liquor?

Jul 19.2018
Recently, several counterfeit liquor cases have been cracked in Jiangsu province. Counterfeit products are mainly high-end liquor such as Moutai, Wuliangye and sky blue. After a professional bartender, the taste and color of the low end liquor, which is worth a box of dozens of yuan and one box, are similar to the famous wine. After the imitation of the outer packaging, the low end counterfeit liquor can flow into the market with the same luxuriant packing and "high-grade liquor" through a fixed channel.

The existence of counterfeit and shoddy products allows consumers to do everything possible to prevent counterfeiting, especially in the liquor industry. There is a lot of difference between the price of liquor products. On the one hand, anti-counterfeiting companies to understand the counterfeiters to make false means, in order to know the enemy, on the other hand, also constantly improve the anti-counterfeiting technology, let the counterfeiters can not take advantage of the machine, let their own brand protection.

So, how should high-end liquor protect its brand? That is, the use of the anti counterfeiting code system for the brand to establish the whole process of anti-counterfeiting traceability system.

The anti counterfeiting code for liquor has built an overpass for enterprises, governments and consumers. Enterprises can upload material, processing, warehousing, logistics and other information to the system of white spirit anti-counterfeiting code, and generate two dimensional code online through the way of coding, and set up a complete set of anti-counterfeit traceability system for each product with exclusive "identity card". The relevant government departments can supervise through the system, and consumers can also query information by packaging the two-dimensional code above. For example, a bottle of wine has been bought by a consumer at a A supermarket. The bottle is then recycled for fake filling and is bought by another consumer at the B store. When the consumer is scanned, it will find the logistics information of the wine or the A supermarket, so it can be judged to be a fake wine. The traceability system of liquor anti counterfeiting code can be traced to the quality and safety of liquor quality, reverse traceability, risk management, anti-counterfeiting and inquiring, and effectively implement the responsibility of the main body of quality and safety, and ensure the quality and safety of liquor.

The laser code is a hot technology for printing white liquor with its characteristics of permanence and anti-counterfeiting, even when it is worn or fouled, the two-dimensional code of laser marking can be read correctly.

For example, the Flying series laser printer launched by the Jiaming laser can easily realize the uniqueness of the anti-counterfeit code. It only needs to be set on the specific "operating system", and it can be accurately, quickly and flexibly. This series of products has accumulated rich experience in many industries, and has been widely applied to information labels on bottles and caps of wine packaging.
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