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How Is The Laser Cutting Machine Classified According To The Structure?

Jan 09.2018
In peacetime, we classify laser cutting machine according to the type of laser. So how can it be classified according to the structure of the laser cutting machine itself?

1, in accordance with the cutting head and the table relative to the mobile mode, can be divided into fixed beam form, light path, mobile beam form flight light path and semi fixed semi mobile mixed form of hybrid light path of three types of CNC laser cutting machine. There is also a hinged movable arm fixed flight path beam transmission form, known as the constant light path, referred to as the light path.
In the cutting process, only the cutting head is moved along the direction of X and Y during the cutting process, and the position of the worktable is fixed. This kind of cutting machine has large scale and large quality, and the equipment occupies a small area. The workpiece is not clamped, and the upper and lower materials are convenient. The machine has high acceleration performance and high positioning accuracy. So it is highly praised by the market, which is called the mainstream model of the international market.
The typical structure of modern laser cutting machine

2, the main common framework of Longmen mobile flight light path structure, movable beam type flight light path, mobile beam upside down flight light path, the cantilever moving light path structure, fixed beam type half Longmen flight light path, mobile cross table light road, Longmen cantilever type and light path, airborne hybrid optical structure form of robot and large format, laser flexible processing system.

3, The structure ofcutting equipment, large bed materials of casting structure, welding structure, structure, and marble beams using Aluminum Alloy casting or welding parts and other components and the selection of profiles, engineering plastics, glass steel and stainless steel material of the application.

4, laser devices configured according to user processing performance, processing materials, such as shape and size of different laser, laser optional laser, respectively, fast flow axis CO2 laser, RF board debugging swirl laser, solid laser and fiber laser.

5, from the drive equipment, X, Y axis adopt unilateral servo motor equipped with corresponding reducer, gear and rack drive structure with high precision; X axis servo motor are used for bilateral corresponding reducer, gear and rack drive structure with high precision, a double gear driving mode to eliminate the reverse gap; a servo motor with high precision ball screw driven directly by direct gear disc inertia motor drive; and the structure of linear motor direct drive.

6, CNC laser cutting machine usually equipped with high precision linear guide, and equipped with automatic lubricating device. Linear guide rail with single main roller structure is a more cost-effective, affordable and convenient adjustment of typical structure; structure of driving unit in another structure is directly used to drive and guide the combination as a whole, the installation is more convenient, more convenient debugging, to ensure accuracy, but the high cost.
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