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How Does The Price Of Laser Cutting Machine Change In 2018? Look At The Domestic Laser

Jan 05.2018
Honorable user Hello, your 2017 balance is not enough, and can not be repaid... In 2017, it will soon be over. In this year, the application of laser in different fields has been deepened. More and more laser cutting technology has been applied in traditional manufacturing and manufacturing, and fiber laser cutting machine is widely applied.

With the expansion of the industry, competition is also more intense. It is foreseeable that in 2018, the demand and supply of laser cutting machine will increase. What are the new trends of fiber laser cutting machine in 2018? And look down.
2017 supply exceeds demand for competition
In recent years, the rapid development of China's laser cutting machine industry has improved, and the relationship between supply and demand has also changed. The supplier market is obviously bigger than the demand side market, and the market competition is going to be white hot.
In the laser cutting machine serious homogenization of today, is the result of excessive press production cost reduction with lower quality, shoddy, low-cost gimmicks, laser cutting machine price is up is down, elusive.
But looking at the laser cutting machine market, there is a very special phenomenon: the best selling products are often not the lowest price brands. Improving the competitiveness of brands by reducing production costs is the primary stage of competition, because, to a certain extent, production costs can not be compressed indefinitely. In order to really reduce the price of laser cutting machine, we have to start from other aspects.
High price of 2018 laser cut laser cutting machine
The core component of the laser cutting machine is the laser, and it is also the most important part of the price of the laser cutting machine. For a long time, high-power laser cutting machines in China rely on imported technology for pure assembly production. The core components are subject to people. Laser cutting machine is expensive and the supply cycle is long, resulting in high price of laser cutting machine.
At present, small power fiber lasers are mostly occupied by domestic manufacturers. The market share is as high as 85%. After 2010-2015 years of low power laser production, the cost of small power laser is down more than 50%. In recent years, the domestic manufacturers in the medium power fiber laser market have achieved a breakthrough in technology, and the market share has increased greatly. In 2016, the sales volume exceeded imports for the first time.
20132016 domestic fiber laser according to the situation of production and equipment sales division of power
And the high power laser, the market localization rate is low, the lower price of the domestic downstream enterprises is weak, the price drop is less than the small power laser. 2000W high power laser as an example, 2012-2016 years of market price by 130-160 to 100-140 million million, a decline of only around 20%.
It is not difficult to see whether the price of laser cutting machine will drop or decrease in 2018, to a large extent, depends on whether the application of domestic lasers can be popularized and gradually replace imported lasers.
The price decline of laser cutting machine is the trend of the situation
Although the pricing power of high-power lasers is still in the hands of foreign enterprises mainly based on IPG, a large number of excellent laser leading enterprises have emerged in China, including Rui Ke photoelectric, Chuangxin technology, Dept and so on. Ruyco optoelectronic has begun to launch the 10000W - level high-power fiber laser to break the monopoly of high power optical fiber laser abroad.
With the domestic manufacturers to develop high power fiber laser 1.56kw, breaking the IPG and other foreign manufacturers pricing, the price of high power fiber lasers will be significantly decreased, reducing the cost of laser cutting machine will drive prices in 2018 continued downward. This will also accelerate the penetration of laser processing in the domestic industry. Meanwhile, domestic equipment manufacturers will seize the market of foreign equipment manufacturers in the traditional heavy industry.
With the domestic brands of increasingly powerful laser cutting machine laser cutting machine market in 2018, the competition will become more intense, but it is expected between the brand, product and enterprise competition, has not been a single price competition, an important aspect of quality, service, value, channel, enterprise development strategy is the enterprise long-term brand and recessive elements the development of competition and sustainable development.
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