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How Can There Be Less Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine For Personalized Customization?

Mar 05.2018
Since 2003, the first Chinese fiber laser marking machine in GEM after the birth of the laser marking equipment, high cost and is widely used in all walks of life, 3C, automobile, daily necessities, gifts and other industries have fiber laser marking machine figure, always reflects the charm of laser technology.

At present, the optical fiber laser marking machine is commonly used in metal material marking, and the commonly used optical fiber laser marking machine equipment, according to the power of different 20W, 30W, 50W. Different power laser marking machine in the use of the material there is no difference, but compared with 20W, 30W fiber laser marking machine, 50W fiber laser marking machine is not only to enhance the power, the power of play and efficiency has a more significant upgrade.

So what can 50W fiber laser marking machines do?

Business card

You want to break the tradition and make yours name card stand out in thousands of thousands of people. If so, we can learn from the creative metal business cards under the laser technology. We can use 50W optical fiber laser marking machine to make customized patterns on metal and create unique personality cards.


With the change of era and the concept of simple to buy a ring seems to have been unable to meet the requirements of the lovers, the ring lettering has already become a kind of fashion, the use of 50W fiber laser marking machine, can not erase the words engraved permanently in a small ring, with unlimited love.

Mobile phone

Metal material is a very popular design. In recent years, apple, HTC and other manufacturers generally use the whole metal backplane, while most of the models will use the metal frame and other design to enhance the texture, usually aluminum alloy. This also makes the 50W optical fiber laser marking machine have a place to use, and all kinds of characters and patterns are custom-made.

Daily Necessities

The most commonly used items in daily life can also be transformed under the 50W fiber laser marking machine. Taking the thermos cup as an example, no matter whether the water cup is high, short, fat and thin, the fiber laser marking machine can engrave beautiful images and make it gorgeous and transformed.

GEM laser general fiber laser marking machine, 20W configuration, 30W, 50W fiber laser, small integrated design, lightweight and flexible, worthy of the name "sales champion", serving a number of 3C electronic products manufacturer, is widely used in the field of electronic components, hardware products, daily consumer goods, auto parts, electronics, 3C gifts such as jewelry, metal material is the realization of personalized choice.

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