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High Repetition Frequency Electrooptic Q Switch Driving Source Technology

Jan 26.2018
In scientific research, electro-optic Q switch driver because of its fast switching speed, and the advantages of large caliber switch completely, widely used in the field of Q laser research; in industrial applications, electro-optic Q switch driver in stereo lithography and hard disk storage, resistor trimming repair, hole play drill, printed circuit boards, chip carving and markers are widely used. With the development of research and technology, the working frequency of electrooptic Q switch driver is more and more demanding.

High repetition electro-optic Q switch is the key component of high repetition laser. It is of great significance to study the driving source of high repetition laser technology. In addition, high repetition rate Q switches with high frequency at MHz are also needed in high speed photography systems, optical modulation and various industrial applications. After reviewing the data at home and abroad, we can see that the highest frequency of the electro-optic Q switch developed in China is 25 kHz at present, the working voltage is low, and the technology is not mature. The highest frequency in foreign countries can reach 1MHz, but the pulse voltage is only l kV. Therefore, the research of 50kHz/3kV's Q switch driving source technology has gradually become the research hot spot at home and abroad.

In the electro-optic Q switch driver source developed previously, the highest working frequency is lkHz, the working voltage is 1 kV to 5 kV, and the pulse front 30ns pulse width l00ns. Due to the power and frequency response limit of pulse forming level, it is difficult to go up. With the development of science and technology, there are many kinds of fast switch tubes from hundreds of volts to one thousand volts, but there are few fast switch tubes with three thousand volts. Q switch driver developed foreign switch source, the number of fast MOSFET tube in series form, its stability, on the dispersion (about Ins), frequency response (GHz) and synchronization requirements is very high, similar to the parameters of the tube are difficult to buy, the general development of domestic Q switch the driving source switch adopts a plurality of fast MOSFET tube series, but because the stability and dispersion (about 10ns), frequency response (200MHz) and synchronization is low, the power indicator can do pulse front at about 30ns, width is greater than lOOns, repetition frequency of 25kHz, it is difficult to reach the stage of high repetition laser development needs.

Gem laser and the Russian military developed the 25 Watt SYMQS-27-4C Q- Switch broke the foreign technology limit, has the advantages of long service life, high heat efficiency advantages, the highest peak power up to 100 watts, become very popular in users of domestic laser lovers.
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