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Go Through? Someone In The Circle Of Friends Drank A Bottle Of Milk That Was Produced Tomorrow!

Jun 04.2018
Someone in the circle of friends sent a picture like this. I didn't find anything special at first, but my friend said, "I might have drunk a bottle of milk that was produced tomorrow." Look at it carefully! The production date of this bottle of milk was January 2, 2018, and the time of this friend's circle was in January 1, 2018: it was really "today" to drink a bottle of "tomorrow" to produce peanut milk!

However, this is not a disorder of time and space, nor is it a milk run through. The truth is ironic, and it is really afraid that black hearted merchants have done their work on the date of the factory's factory. They have written the date of the factory for a long time to improve the sales cycle of their products. Or, this bottle of milk itself is overdue, the merchant has erased the original production date, and has written one, and it was not expected to write too much, and was found by the user...

Food safety is a major event that concerns the vital interests of millions of households, and must not be taken lightly in food safety. Police appeal to all inkjet makers not to sell inkjet makers to lawless elements. At the same time, remind consumers, pay attention to identify the production date of private change, then how to tell whether the production date is private change?

First of all, look at the quality of the milk itself. If the bottle is found to be deformed, there will be milk deposits, or the aluminum film on the bottle mouth will be convex and damaged. Need to find business in time to change.

Second, wipe with hands. The original production date on the product package, the date of the stamping or the production date of the electronic injection, can not be erased directly by hands. When the revised production date is wiped with hands, the color becomes shallow and blurred.

Finally, look at the color of the date. The actual production date is neat, bright, shiny, fake production date is usually blurred, ink around the date, color and dark.

Dairy products tend to tamper with the date of production because of their short shelf life. Once exposed, it will seriously affect consumers' trust in dairy products brand. In order to avoid this phenomenon, it reminds consumers to pay attention to the prevention is on the one hand, from the source of containment ability is fundamental. Production date laser code is one of the important means. The mark of the laser printer is clean and delicate. The most important thing is that the laser marking is printed on the dairy packaging. It can not be erased at the same time without destroying the package itself, and it is impossible to modify the trace without leaving the trace. It has good anti-counterfeiting effect.

In addition to the production date of laser code, two-dimensional code inkjet printer can also be a force for anti-counterfeiting. The two-dimensional code laser code printer can be completely non-toxic, pollution-free, with clear marking and high reading rate. It has been widely used in the dairy industry.

            Production date laser code on dairy products

GEM laser "flying series" online laser code printer, with 21 years of industry experience, can be integrated on the product line for fast marking and precise positioning. Among them, the UV laser on line inkjet printer is mainly used in milk beverage packaging HDPE material bottle production date and bottle cap two-dimensional code mark. The CO2 laser on-line inkjet printer is mainly used for laser marking of the production date of dairy Tetra Pak bottles.

Do you pay attention to the date of production when you drink milk? How do you generally recognize the authenticity of dairy products? Let's share it with you.

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