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GEMQG-3015 laser cutting machine Play a new

Mar 13.2018
The metal material is our production and life inseparable elements, agricultural modernization, industrial modernization, national defense and science and technology modernization cannot do without the support of metal, small tools, machinery parts, daily necessities, large aircraft, missiles, rockets, satellites, nuclear submarines and other sophisticated weapons and atomic energy, television and communication, radar, electronic computers and other sophisticated technology required components or parts are made of metal.

Therefore, the metal material processing is also the main battlefield of the laser cutting machine, and most organic and inorganic materials can be cut by laser. Commonly used engineering materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum and aluminum alloy, titanium and titanium alloy and most nickel alloys, can be laser cutting.

Metal sheets used for industrial production in daily life are always in a hard, rigid image, but they can actually be the same.

 The complex and flexible pattern is processed by laser cutting on metal material. Whether it is rusty metal or stainless steel standing brand, the new "flower" makes waste metal materials have new value. It's not difficult to use laser cutting machine to make these patterns. We only need to input design pictures into software, and laser cutting can create creative graphics as we want.
In the metal cutting industry, gemming laser leading for many years, to meet the needs of the market launch of a variety of fiber laser cutting machine, the new GEMQG-3015 fiber laser cutting machine, has won numerous manufacturers favor.
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