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Gem Laser Metal Laser Cutting Machine, Dancing On The Plate

Jan 29.2018
Laser has been known as "the fastest knife, the most accurate ruler and the brightest light". After years of development, cutting technology has not only become the sharpest knife in manufacturing industry, but also the decoration and handicrafts that we can see everywhere in daily life. The multitudinous products that use laser processing make people's lives more colorful, and they have a common player behind them - the optical fiber laser cutting machine.
As a new processing tool, the optical fiber laser cutting machine is the product of the development of modern science and technology. In order to produce more creative products in all fields of metal processing, the creative people boldly introduce laser technology, and write the art world of metal with fiber laser cutting machine, which shows the shocking industrial beauty.

Craft gift
The history of the metal crafts in China has a long history, but the metal processing is difficult and the cost is high. The advent of optical fiber laser cutting machine not only simplifies the processing process of metal crafts, reduces the cost, but also makes it a "plaything" which the public can afford.

Home Furnishing decoration
Metal home clothing overcame the defects of other materials, such as faded, easy to be damp, difficult to save and so on, and laser cutting technology has overcome the inflexible malpractice of metal processing. The laser hollowed out elements and metal are perfectly combined to create clearer and brighter screens and doors and windows.

Art Architecture
Behind every magnificent metal art building, it is made up of thousands of pieces of metal pieces. And each piece of metal is done by the laser step by step.

Elegant and exquisite laser hollowed out lines, for the simple metal cover with a new geometric pattern, let metal lighting find the beautiful starting point.

In the field of high power fiber laser cutting machine gem laser technology leader for many years, has launched the GMQG-3015F, GMQG-4020F and other popular models. September 2017 gem laser processing station Zaiduofali, for laser cutting equipment upgrading needs of customers, the introduction of high performance laser cutting products. With the high cost performance, the core light source technology, low maintenance cost, can solve the growth type customer investment income ratio, the equipment maintenance cost is high.
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