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Gem Laser Takes You to

Apr 22.2020
Recently, the National Health and Health Commission released the "New Coronavirus Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Program (Trial Version 7)", in which the diagnostic criteria based on the original nucleic acid testing and sequencing added "serological testing" (ie, antibody and antigen testing) as a basis The use of the New Coronary Pneumonia (2019-nCoV) IgM / IgG antibody detection kit (colloidal gold method) is playing an increasingly important role in the diagnosis and prevention and control of new Coronary Pneumonia.

In order to effectively contain the epidemic and ensure the restoration of public order of life, effectively organize the resumption of production and production of enterprises, the new coronary pneumonia (2019-nCoV) IgM / IgG antibody detection kit (colloidal gold method) and other POCT point-of-care testing Detection reagent cards have been widely used.

(Picture from Anhui Daily)
With the change of diagnostic criteria and the resumption of production by a large number of enterprises, the demand for covid-19 (2019-ncov)IgM/IgG antibody detection kits has surged. Orders of POCT enterprises with the capacity to produce covid-19 (2019-ncov)IgM/IgG antibody detection kits have exploded in China. How to produce products quickly and safely and deliver them to the market in time is an urgent problem for such enterprises. In the production of POCT detection reagent CARDS, the unique UDI identification and customization requirements are an indispensable part of the production process and a weak link in the production of some enterprises. To this, what you think of first is laser ink-free printing. In the past few years, the use of laser ink-free printing on POCT products has become a common practice. In the first line of anti-epidemic, huagong laser sticks to the POCT production line, ensuring clear, accurate and rapid marking on each test card, and providing customers with 24-hour continuous service for new production line.

The following laser will be through the detailed analysis, and everyone together "perspective" POCT product security mystery.

01 kit laser labeling

Kit material properties

The main raw materials of POCT reagent card are polymer materials (PVC, PP, ABS, HIPS, etc.).

Polymer materials have the following characteristics:

(1) it has good physical and mechanical properties and chemical stability;

(2) abundant sources and low price, suitable for making disposable medical supplies;

(3) convenient processing, low manufacturing cost, suitable for a variety of molding methods, easy to process into complex shapes and the development of new products.

Polymer material laser processing, is the use of laser high energy to promote the surface of the plastic itself carbonization or the surface of some components decomposition of the body to make plastic foam, so that the laser action part of the plastic color and non-action area color difference and form a logo, its logo effect is good, can greatly improve the production efficiency.

Laser marking principle

UDI (Unique Device Identification) : the Unique "id card" in the product supply chain is an important Identification content in POCT detection reagent card. Typically, variable codes such as QR, DM, CODE46, and CODE16K or custom codes are used as unique identifiers. This kind of mark has high requirements on the clarity and precision of printing, and is one thing one code, which plays an important role in data management. The characteristics of high precision and clarity variable code can be easily and quickly printed without ink by using laser. In order to achieve clear code assignment and guarantee the uniqueness of code assignment through in-depth industry research and extensive application accumulation, professional software needs to be developed to connect the production of POCT enterprises.

Gem laser as the first laser enterprise to enter this field, in addition to the mature laser ink-free printing process, but also to provide customers with a full range of data security and data management solutions. Among them, data anti-virus software application can shorten the time of searching repeated data in the data pool of 400 million data packets with 1 million pieces of data to 37 seconds, which is the leading level in the industry.

Gem, which owns the Flying uv series fu code equipment and Flying fiber series fu code equipment, equipped with the domestic independent laser performance is excellent, focusing spot smaller, less effect on the material, the thermal effect is small, marking effect is more beautiful, has been widely used in pharmaceutical, medical, personal care, food and beverage packaging products such as on the effective date, batch number, shift, manufacturer name and logo graphics and text markup.

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