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Gem Laser Marking Socket Information,your Beauty Is My Guardian.

May 14.2018
TV sets, computers, air conditioners, refrigerators, rice cookers, fans, hair driers, water heaters, induction cookers... All kinds of electrical appliances in the home, although there are a lot of sockets, but the total feeling is not enough, two holes adjacent too close, plug the fan, can not plug the electric hair, plug on the computer, plug in the router, plug in rice cooker, can not plug in the electromagnetic furnace... As a result, all kinds of innovative appearance socket came into being.

You can freely assemble the "Transformers" socket with free-form deformation, without wasting any space.

The legs of the table are stretched over the table, and a part of the table is designed to be a power outlet, providing the power supply of the electronic device and getting rid of the clutter of the trailer.

The Bulls won the iF design prize, the magic square USB socket, and use the cubic arrangement of "magic cube" to ensure that the 3 USB ports and 3 sockets in the magic square socket will not interfere with each other even if they are used at the same time, thus avoiding the waste that can not be used at the same time.

In the continuous popularization of digital digital today, the design of the future socket innovation will be more and more attention, young people in the choice of sockets, in addition to the most basic performance and safety considerations, also need a good design to bring the use of the experience of the promotion, after all, a "beautiful" product is the first step to catch the eyeballs of consumers.

But as the 3C product, the socket surface must mark the information of the serial number, the certificate number, the three phase and so on. The traditional marking mode is poor in clarity and easy to erasure, which affects the appearance quality of the product. The laser code logo has the advantages of accurate, clear and easy to read, and is integrated with the whole product design.

The laser code label, which has clear and stable product specifications and factory name, can quickly identify the positive products, protect the economic benefits and crack down the counterfeit and inferior products. At the same time, the laser code is unparalleled in cost because it does not need additional consumables, so it is favored by many manufacturers of sockets.

Application examples:

Ningbo bull Electric Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chinese bulls group, was founded in 1995. It is a professional brand in the China Mobile socket and converter industry. Since 2008, it has been in the forefront of the power switch converter industry for many years.

The Gem laser has accumulated many years of application experience in 3C and daily products industry. The flying series of on-line laser code equipment has high performance price ratio, stable performance, and a professional and perfect customized solution. It is favored by the bulls. It has successfully defeated the competitors in the serial number, certificate number and three mark of its socket products.

In accordance with the needs of the users, the Jiaming laser laser code machine equipment can carry out non-contact high quality laser marking for fast moving products to achieve accurate positioning, rapid marking, and one breath, which can be marked on all kinds of metal, non-metal, PVC, aluminum film, rubber, plastic, HDPE and other materials. It is efficient, consumable, and does not produce anything harmful to the body and environment.

After using the Gem laser flying serial laser code equipment, its unique technology can make the socket get a more beautiful mark. These delicate and elegant marks and sockets are integrated, not abrupt, inconspicuous, but fine and clear, do not worry about signs blurred, not to worry about their tampering, so that the beauty of the socket has more possibilities!

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