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Gem Laser Lecture Hall: Usage Specification Of Fiber Laser Marking Machine

May 23.2018
According to the superior processing performance, reliable quality assurance and perfect after-sales service, the products of the optical fiber laser marking machine developed by the Jiaming laser are highly trusted by the users and the products are sold globally.

Advantages of optical fiber laser marking machine

A variety of metal and non-metallic materials can be processed, especially for high hardness, high melting point and brittle materials. It is non-contact processing, no damage to products, no tool wear, good marking quality.

The laser beam is thin, and the material consumption is very small, and the heat affected zone is small.

High efficiency, controlled by computer and easy to automate.

Notices of switch machine for optical fiber laser marking machine

Fiber laser marking machine is different from the general machine, in the process of use, there are many matters of attention, even the small details such as opening and closing the machine can not be ignored. The following are matters needing attention in the switch machine of fiber laser marking machine.

Starting order:

1. to ensure that all power lines and signal lines are properly connected, close the external power supply to ensure the 220V AC power is strong.

2. ensure that the emergency switch is in the state of ejection.

3. switch the circuit breaker with the leakage protection to the upper (electric state), and move the circuit breaker up (there is leakage protection, if the leakage exceeds the standard, the circuit breaker can not start).

4. start the computer; the fifth step, the key switch, the laser, the galvanometer and the control card.

5., opening the marking software (not adjusting the laser power in the process of marking).

6. transfer or redesign the marking documents;

7. adjust the manual lifting platform until the focal length is suitable.

8. when the template parameters are completed and the qualified sample is made, the number display table of the lift table is zero, and the position of the manual lifting platform is made as the standard zero point at this time, so it can be quickly recovered in the future.

9. adjust the relevant parameters (for example: focal length, current, frequency, etc.), you can perform the marking.

Shutdown sequence:

1. save and withdraw the marking software;

2. turn the key switch counterclockwise, switch off the power supply, and power off the card.

3. turn off the computer host and display;

4. shut down the air switch for the whole power supply.

5. switch off for power supply.
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