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Full Screen Explosion: Finally Do Not Have To Endure "Qi Liu Hai"!

Aug 14.2018
In September 2017, Apple held an autumn press conference at its new headquarters. One of the biggest concerns was the release of the iPhone X, which quickly became popular on the Internet and social media, making it the target of many netizens'jokes and chats: its bangs on the forehead.

This is simply killing the obsessive-compulsive disorder! Although Apple seems to have taken this into account, a small improvement has been made, which is that users can customize the display status at the top of the screen. But there are omnipotent users who broke the iPhone X watch the state of the video, first look at the screenshots.

There are also plenty of apps and programs that have been modified to accommodate the phone's "bangs" to achieve the best display and usage, such as the following.

Finally, in 2018, a full-scale full-scale outbreak brought surprises to those who had endured 1 years of Liu Haiping. There are many ways to achieve a full screen, such as Samsung's top and bottom symmetrical design on the screen shape, Millet MIX's chin-preserving design, iPhone X-led Bang screen design, nut R1's beauty-sharp design, and vivo and OPPO's "all-screen front" design. Flowers bloom.

Full screen completely changed our imagination of mobile phones, the screen proportion of mobile phones appear in front of us. Cell phone manufacturers have broken their hearts for a full screen, screen display technology, unlocking technology, sensor receiver hiding technology and so on. For example, under-screen fingerprint technology, 3D structured light technology to solve the problem of mobile phone unlocking in full-screen situation; hidden sensors and screen voice technology to make the top of the phone less holes; and COP packaging to the phone "front is all screen" has brought the possibility.

The rapid changes of mobile phone screen also put forward higher requirements for screen processing technology, especially the special-shaped cutting of the screen into various shapes becomes very necessary.

It is difficult to realize the special cutting of large area mobile phone screen with traditional cutting technology. Precision laser cutting technology, can avoid ultra-thin material edge breakage and edge collapse, can greatly improve processing efficiency and yield. No matter what trend the screen size of mobile phone changes according to, laser cutting equipment, as long as simple in the computer system settings, can quickly change the production plan, so as to keep up with the industry trend.

The picosecond laser ultra-fast cutting system developed by Gem Laser aims at the laser cutting of the panel industry. It can cut all kinds of glass panels quickly. The equipment adopts picosecond ultra-fast cutting technology. It has high cutting accuracy, small edge collapse and high speed. It can be used for special-shaped cutting. It is the preferred tool for creating perfect texture and flexible mobile phone screen.

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