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Full Screen "cutting" Era Coming Gem Laser Cutting Machine Become Standard Configuration

Apr 10.2018
At the moment, the hottest topic in the mobile phone industry is not a "comprehensive screen". Since last year, the full screen mobile phone of the IPhoneX's full screen mobile phone is on the stage. The pursuit of the maximum screen will be the main selling point of the smartphone in the future. If 2017 is the first year of the full screen mobile phone, then the 2018 is the real time of its outbreak. For the smart phone in 2018, the comprehensive screen has become the standard.

Since March 2018, OPPO R15, VIVO X21, HUAWEI Nova 3E and other new comprehensive screen mobile phones have been released in succession, and many models have their own advantages, which will boost the new wave of full screen mobile phone. People in the industry believe that the new business opportunities brought by the new technology have attracted much attention. The arrival of a comprehensive screen phone era will inevitably lead to the development and innovation of the related industrial chain, which can be seen from the field of mobile phone manufacturing alone.

It is understood that, in view of the current research and development progress of the domestic mobile phone comprehensive screen and its cost side, the permeability of the homemade full screen mobile phone is not high in the year, and a considerable proportion of the comprehensive screen model is used to fill the screen against the screen in the right angle. In this regard, the relevant agency research data show that, assuming a total screen penetration of 30% in 2018, there will be about 450 million full screen phones in the world, which means that the demand for profiled cutting brought by full screen mobile phone manufacturing will be greatly increased.

With the advent of the full screen era, the importance of profiled cutting is increasingly prominent.

We know that the traditional smart phone screens are typically 16:9, rectangular, and the four sides are at right angles. If the front camera, distance sensor, receiver and other components are placed on the fuselage, there must be a certain distance between the screen and the edge of the upper and lower fuselage.

While the full screen phone is different, its screen occupies more than 80%, for example, VIVO X21, for example, VIVO X21 adopts the popular "Liu Haiping" design, with ultra narrow U groove design, without slot its screen account ratio is 90.3%, the proportion is 19:9, so the screen edge will be very close to the hand machine body, and the back uses four surfaces 3. D glass is designed to smooth the middle and have a certain arc on both sides. If the right angle Filling Scheme continues to be used, there will be no place to place the related modules and components. In addition, the screen close to the fuselage will allow the screen to suffer more impact when falling, which may lead to a broken screen.

In order to reserve component space and reduce the possibility of broken screen, it is necessary for the full screen non right angle profiled cutting. A comprehensive screen era has come, which means that if the screen processing plant does not have the ability to cut in shape, it will be more passive in the full screen competition.

The cutting gem precision laser cutting machine popular

It is reported that in view of the comprehensive screen cutting, the industry is mainly used laser cutting program, according to the different needs, the screen U slot cutting, R angle cutting and C angle cutting.

Laser cutting is closely related to its inherent advantages. Because laser cutting is non-contact processing, no mechanical stress is destroyed, and the efficiency is relatively high. At the same time, laser cutting is to focus the laser on the material, heat the material locally until it exceeds the melting point, and then blow the molten metal away with the high pressure gas. Therefore, with the movement of the beam and material, it can form a very narrow slit with a higher precision, and can better meet the needs of the full screen mobile phone manufacturing.

In the special-shaped cutting of comprehensive screen, many precision laser cutting machines have become more and more protruding. The domestic manufacturers of laser applications, represented by the gem laser, have attracted much attention. It is understood that the gem laser has rich experience and product advantages in the development of laser cutting and the production of laser cutting equipment. As an example of the precision laser cutting machine developed by it, this kind of equipment not only has good cutting quality, small deformation, support special shape cutting, fast cutting speed, and also has the function of automatic correction of vibrating mirror. Automatic alignment, higher precision, no crack. In 2018 the rapid growth of the full screen, gem laser precision has been widely used in mobile phone manufacturing industry.


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