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From The Brick To Full Screen On The Mobile Phone Screen Discussion On Laser Cutting Technology

Mar 16.2018
From the brick to full screen on the mobile phone screen,discussion on laser cutting technology of mobile phone screen

20 years ago, when the mobile phone is the world's first popular known as "big brother", people will think that less than 5 of the occupied area of the screen, will now become the focus of competition for the mobile phone manufacturers. The update iteration of the display screen of the mobile phone has become the most intuitive display of the development of technology.
In 1998, SIEMENS decided to try something different, they launched the SIEMENS S10, the mobile phone is considered to be the first mobile phone, but its screen can only display four colors: red, green, blue and white.
The first part of the popular mobile phone number will be Sony Ericsson T68, which was released on 2001, $600, there is a 101*80 color display can display 256 colors.
In 2007, the first iPhone came out, discarding the touch button and using the full touch operation logic. From then on, the smartphone began to get into people's life.
With the increasingly strong attributes of the media terminal devices on smart phones, the screen of mobile phones is becoming bigger and bigger. Currently, the 5 inch screen phone has become the mainstream of the market, and the full screen is the absolute hot word in 2017.

The changes in the screen area of the mobile phone also put forward higher requirements for the processing technology of the screen. The traditional mobile phone screen is 16:9, rectangular, four are rectangular, due to the placement of the front camera, the distance sensor, receiver and other components, so both screen and the upper and lower edge of the fuselage of a certain distance.

The overall screen phone is more than 80% of the screen, and the edge of the screen will be very close to the phone's fuselage. If you continue to use the right angle scheme, there will be no place to place the related modules and components. At the same time, the screen approaching the fuselage will cause the screen to bear more impact when it falls, and then lead to the broken screen. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the possibility of the broken screen and reserve the element space, and make the screen processed into non right angle heteromorphic cutting.

The full screen panels of alpha -Si and LTPS are brittle materials for both sides of glass structure. The traditional cutting technology is difficult to achieve. Ultrafast laser cutting technology is needed to avoid the edge fracture and edge collapse of ultra-thin materials, and greatly improve the processing efficiency. Seizing the opportunity of capacity transfer in OLED industry, the core technology of China's laser advanced reserve technology has broken the core technology and monopolized Japan and South Korea. It has broken through the display panel technology and developed the full-screen automatic cutting equipment.

Model characteristics:

1. automation and lower material, no staff operation in the middle, the whole process of automation;

2. contains mechanical cracking and carbon dioxide fission device to solve the problem that the cracking is not broken.

3. can meet all kinds of special-shaped cutting requirements, one device provides a full set of cutting solutions

4. ordinary water electric, no special gas requirements;

5. the effect of the process is better, the heat affected zone is less than 40um, and the edge of the collapse is less than 10um

6. high standardization of equipment, production and delivery cycle of one month, convenient and flexible;

7. the equipment can be rented and available, and it is convenient for customers to choose according to their capacity.
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