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From Blurred Face To Spotlessly Let's Talk About The Magic Laser Cleaning Technology

Mar 01.2018
It have deep color glass faded underground to shine again; it makes the sculpture to reproduce the original appearance of gray; it makes recognition for return to painting to appreciate art......

Contrast of glass window before and after laser cleaning            Comparison of statue before and after laser cleaning

                                                      Comparison of portraits before and after laser cleaning

Who is it? The answer is laser cleaning.

Laser cleaning technology is the laser with high energy density and pulse laser shock and vibration, acting on the surface of the object to be cleaned, the difference between laser absorption coefficient using the substrate and the attachment, the occurrence of flash evaporation or peeling attachments on the surface or coating, so as to achieve the process of cleaning.
As a new kind of environmentally friendly cleaning technology, laser cleaning has been widely used in various fields. In addition to the field of cultural relics protection, laser cleaning technology is also widely used in 3C electronics, automotive parts and rail traffic processing.
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