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Foreign Farmers Do Farm Work Like This, Laser Cutting Machine Helps Agricultural Mechanization.

Oct 11.2018
Ploughs, rakes and harrows, which were once closely related to farming, have gradually become the memories of the history of the masses'cultivated land and are gradually replaced by more advanced agricultural machinery and equipment.

According to the Science and Technology Daily, China has become the world's largest agricultural machinery manufacturing and use power, but compared with the agricultural machinery power, there is still a gap in China's agricultural machinery industry. Germany, Japan and other countries have already realized the mechanization of agriculture, and their farmers have cultivated this kind of land.

Big action, more than ten combine harvesters work together! Spectacular scene!

A large potato harvesting machine can also harvest potatoes while loosening the ground.

Corn harvester, the harvested corn is transported to the truck through the conveyor belt.

Carrot harvesting machinery, harvested carrots are transported to trucks through conveyor belts.

Agricultural mechanization makes the process of farming almost do not need high-intensity physical labor, farmland, land preparation, fertilization, spraying pesticides, harvesting and other physical aspects of the need to achieve mechanization, can effectively improve the efficiency of agricultural production and promote agricultural development.

Therefore, agricultural mechanization has always been an important direction of agricultural development in China. With the support of national policies, agricultural machinery manufacturing industry is developing rapidly, and agricultural machinery and equipment are developing in the direction of diversification and automation. The increasing demand for new agricultural machinery products also puts forward new requirements for agricultural machinery manufacturing technology. The application of laser cutting machine speeds up the process of agricultural machinery modernization in China.

The traditional sheet metal processing parts of agricultural machinery products usually use punching press, which consumes a lot of dies and has a low processing efficiency, which seriously affects the updating of products.

In comparison, the advantage of metal laser cutting machine is more significant.

1. Laser cutting machine can cut sheet metal in various shapes, and the desired shape can be produced by inputting the graphics into the software.
2. Using laser cutting equipment to process sheet metal parts, the processing speed is fast, the efficiency is high, the cost is low, moreover does not need to change the mold or the cutter, has shortened the production preparation time.
3, easy to realize continuous processing, laser beam commutator time is short, production efficiency is high. Various parts can be installed alternately. When a workpiece is processed, the completed parts can be removed and the workpiece to be processed can be installed to realize parallel processing.

Since 2004, China has attached great importance to the development of agriculture and agricultural machinery, but it is difficult to develop it for a long time only with the support and help of the government. There is still a long way to go for Agricultural Mechanization in China. Especially in the production process, the use of more advanced laser cutting machines for agricultural machinery manufacturing will help. Enterprises in the increasingly fierce market competition to stand out, narrowing the gap with foreign agricultural mechanization.

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