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Fiber Metal Laser Cutting Machine, Help Fitness Equipment Comprehensive Reform

Aug 30.2018
The Asian Games are in full swing. On the first day of the Games, the Chinese delegation scored seven gold medals, five silver medals and four bronze medals. At present, China has won 99 gold medals, surpassing the total of Japan and South Korea.

Playground athletes are fighting for the medal, life, people pay more and more attention to sports, no longer just the pursuit of entertainment, leisure, catering, but more attention to health, fitness conditions are limited, gym is a good place to go.

In order to enhance competitiveness, some gyms have added a lot of indoor exercise equipment, or constantly optimize fitness training courses. The purpose of every fitness center is only to catch the guests.

With the continuous development of fitness machinery and equipment, the requirement of parts processing precision is getting higher and higher. The width of cutting seams, the straightness of edges, the fineness of stripes, smoothness and so on will affect the quality of fitness equipment. The parts of fitness equipment have various shapes. Compared with the traditional processing technology, the automatic NC laser tube cutting equipment can better meet the requirements of these modern machines.

Many joints of fitness equipment are connected by intersecting lines, which need to be cut and drilled. The traditional way of processing is to use band saw, drilling machine and special milling machine. This way can neither guarantee beauty nor accuracy, but also occupies a lot of manpower costs and material clamping and transshipment. Time cost.

Laser tube cutting machine can cut round, square, elliptical, bread tube, D-tube and other traditional or special-shaped pipe. It has the advantages of high flexibility, high precision, high efficiency, short production cycle and so on. It can greatly improve the production efficiency of fitness equipment and has become fitness equipment. Standard equipment in the manufacturing process.

GEM laser automatic pipe production line equipped with automatic feeding and unloading, groove cutting function and robot automatic palletizing adopts German SIEMENS numerical control system, which can provide laser dynamic compensation, improve the overall cutting accuracy and automatically measure length. The equipment has the characteristics of high output per unit time, short tailings, high stability and long durability, can be bundled automatically feeding, automatic palletizing robot selection, can completely bid farewell to high strength, high load of labor.

Relying on more than 20 years of technology precipitation, GEM laser cutting solutions in the fitness equipment industry by fitness equipment enterprises favor, by the majority of users praise, help the fitness equipment industry innovation and development.

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