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Drinking So Much Beer, Do You Know Its Past And Present?

Jun 20.2018
Have you ever been to a hot beer brewery?

Do you know how beer is produced in your hands?

Do you know how much black technology the winery has used to make your drinking beer healthier?

Electronic bottle testing machine

In view of environmental considerations, the major breweries are recycling bottles in the production process. After cleaning and cleaning at high temperature, beer bottles will be tested by EBI (electronic bottle inspector) before filling. This is the first eye opening "black technology".

Bottle EBI bottle defect electronic functions will be identified and removed automatically from the production line. In the process of detection, EBI will divide each bottle from the bottle mouth, the bottle neck and the bottom of the bottle into 9 regions for high-speed scanning imaging. The recognition degree is accurate to millimeter to identify even small defects. The automatic cull will remove the identified defective bottles from the production line.

"Seckill" 10 bottles of high speed.

In order to avoid the influence of the outside world during the brewing process, from malt to become wine are carried out in a closed container and the pipeline. The content of time, temperature, oxygen must be strictly controlled.

Among them, the beer from the wine machine exit to the lid is completed in 0.8 seconds, each bottled production line, each minute filling speed 600 bottles of -800 bottles, that is, at least 10 bottles of beer per second to complete the filling and cover, that is, the liquor liquid filling state is fully sealed in the wine machine, from the wine machine to the lid is completed in 0.8 seconds. The vast foreign body into the bottle the opportunity.

After labeling, all beer will go through online liquid level detection and leak detection to ensure that liquid level problems and tight beer are eliminated. At the same time, the operator will check the packed beer every 15 minutes and find that the defective products start the reaction plan immediately.

Traceability system

In order to further ensure the quality of beer, many brands launched the traceability system. The bottle used in the system has a tracing source. The traceability of the source code can not only be found in the production time of the beer to the hour (such as a day at 2 p. m. -6), the storage position and the number of days in the warehouse, as well as the canisters from the beer in the production process (such as beer from No. 5 wine jar, and No. 5 wine tank from No. 21). Fermentor and fermentor 21 fermented by 6 pot of wort) can even be traced back to the vehicle license plate number and supplier for transporting malt into the factory.

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