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Dongguan Power Supply Bureau

Jan 22.2018

The four power transmission line of Dongguan power supply bureau uses "laser cannon" to remove floats on the overhead lines.

The four power transmission line of Dongguan power supply bureau uses "laser cannon" to remove floats on the overhead lines.

The four power transmission line in Dongguan power supply bureau uses a laser remotely remover to clear the ribbon on the line.

Recently, the Dongguan power transmission class four to busy bad, vice monitor Cai Xiaofeng with his disciples, carrying the star product "laser cannon", running in each transmission line, their task is to clear the device using the invented laser remote development, will float on the overhead line hanging clear.
18 reporter learned from Dongguan Power Supply Bureau, the long distance laser hatched by Xia Yunfeng in Dongguan Power Transmission Management Studio overhaul technology innovation team of the cleaning device of the recent advent of the device, is the first Southern Power Grid can be used to remove floating line laser transmitter for hanging. It is the first to use high energy laser beam far distance non - contact processing ground wire to float hanging objects in the industry.
"Drifting is one of the main sources of external power failure of transmission lines, which affects the safe operation of transmission lines. Therefore, my team and I thought that if there is a device that can better assist personnel to clear up the floating cargo," Cai Xiaofeng, the leader of the project, said.
As early as 6 years ago, Cai Xiaofeng had the idea of using lasers to clean up the lines. As an old military fan, reading military books is his favorite hobby. "One day," Cai Xiaofeng said, "I suddenly thought that if the laser could hit a satellite and a missile, could it be used to clean up the foreign objects?"
With this inspiration, the team began to understand the laser and consult with the laser company. In 2013, a laser launcher, which was sent to the army for 1000 meters, enhanced their confidence. Then it began to study the technology of civilian technology, and finally finished the product in 2016.
It is understood that the device is based on the material characteristics of transmission line with hanging, with CO2 laser in the laser itself, good directivity, beam tight, concentrated and extremely high energy based on CO2 laser with longer wavelengths can emit far infrared energy, effectively cutting nonmetallic material can be melted by adjusting the excitation power. The distance that the device can launch is enough to deal with the floating objects on the high-voltage line, and equipped with a laser power adjusting knob, which can be adjusted according to the distance between floating and hanging objects.
According to statistics, in 2016, there were 13 defects in the transmission line of Dongguan Power Supply Bureau, and 9 of them were removed by laser. The effective utilization rate of the laser device was 69.2%. The application of the device, reduces the average working time of 1.02 hours /, 1-2 / save manpower, save the economic benefits of 10 million yuan.
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