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Do You Know Which Laser Marking Machine Has The Longest Service Life?

Jun 06.2018
When many manufacturers purchase laser marking machines, the working life of the equipment is usually more concerned. At present, there are many kinds of marking machines on the market, and the working life of each type of marking machine is different.

Generally speaking, the working life of the optical fiber laser marking machine is the longest, usually can reach 100 thousand hours; the working life of the semiconductor laser marking machine and the CO2 laser marking machine is about 1 to twenty thousand hours, and the life of the YAG laser marking machine is about hundreds of hours. Editor's note: because the laser marking machine is made up of many parts and components, the service life mentioned in this paper is mainly aimed at the laser of the core part of the marking machine. At the same time, the working environment of the equipment and the degree of daily maintenance will affect the working life of the machine.




Why is fiber laser marking machine the longest working life? This is determined by the performance advantages of the fiber laser itself. The optical fiber laser has high electro-optical conversion efficiency, which can greatly save electricity consumption, reduce operation cost and achieve the highest production efficiency. And its working material is crystal, it can support long time excitation, the laser oscillates in the fiber, produces little heat, only needs air cooling, no cooling water machine is needed, and it is not needed when the gas laser is needed. Often replace work gas, material less... Based on these factors, the fiber laser marking machine has the longest working life.

The following is a series of optical fiber laser marking machines developed by the Chinese laborer laser, including a number of series, such as general type, large format, rotating double station, portable, 3D marking machine and so on. Each series has different power models, each model can be equipped with safety protection cover, and can also build a special type according to the demand of the user. Whether it is a high-end customer with high requirements for processing quality, or a medium and small customer with ordinary needs, we can find the most suitable optical fiber laser marking machine for the Chinese laser.
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