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Days And Months Multiplying Accumulate Steadily

Mar 12.2018

Gem laser marking in the field silently for more than twenty years, from the earliest pneumatic marking machine started, to the later development of laser marking machine. The software and hardware control systems used are independent research and development, all of which are used on their own marking equipment. Among them, the laser marking software / hardware support system, YAG, CO2, etc. a variety of fiber lasers, support digital / analog vibration lens, support color marking, external database, I/O control, electronic instrument data acquisition, network information transmission expansion function, can develop custom software according to the needs of users. Over the past twenty years, a large number of user data and development experience have been accumulated, long-term tracking and improvement, providing solutions for users' increasing demand for personalization and informatization. It is widely used in automotive parts, steel, electronics, kitchen utensils, hardware and other industries.

At the end of 2017, an old customer of some auto parts in Wuhan economic development area asked for consultation. He wanted to upgrade the software of a semi-conductor laser marking machine and add new functions. We found the shipping record according to the device number. We learned that the device was used in 2007 for over ten years, and at that time, two special requirements for customers were developed. But this is not a matter, because we have an old employee who has been in office for thirteen years, and was also involved in the commissioning of the project. We quickly found the software source program at that time. Considering compatibility, we made three development on the original basis, and finally debugged and finished it successfully. This type of need to upgrade later, each month will occur several cases, two or three years of short time, longer than ten years. Thanks to the technical team saw stable and complete documentation, the two development, the development of multiple transformation tasks similar to smoothly, for old customers to reduce the economic pressure of upgrading equipment. As a result of years of continuous improvement and tracking, provide life-long technical support for users, which saw in the industry has accumulated a good reputation and reputation, so that customers can buy our equipment at ease. Because we do not do the "one hammer" business, we pay more attention to the later upgrade service.

A production automation company in Suzhou, which made a production line project two years ago, purchased our laser marking machine. Many years later, when their boss talked about the project, he told us that a similar project had been selected before, because of cost considerations, a marking device of a local laser company was chosen. But a few years later, party a proposed that the new function of information management should be added to the software. Later to find the company on time, software upgrade has been empty, disappear without a trace. Helpless, Party A only carries on the original recording method, the efficiency is extremely low. So the later production line was designated to find us, because our soft hardware is self developed, full time personnel can be maintained, it can be tracked and upgraded for a long time, and customers no longer need to worry about the upgrading of technology.

From the point of view of the whole country, there are a lot of companies doing laser marking, and the technical level is different. A batch of fall, another batch of birth, want to cut the same. Stick like Wong for more than twenty years, always adhere to independent research and development, personnel stability is very rare. Because of this, we are able to sustain the sustainable development and provide the users with the technical upgrading that can be relied on. This is the value of our core competitiveness. As in the nineteen major reports, the major strategic policy of building an innovative country, a powerful country in science and technology, and the enhancement of the creation, protection and application of intellectual property rights. We saw people not forget the early heart, adhere to their own path of development, upgrade the escort for the needs of users, making a contribution to the national power industry own equipment.
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