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Customization Of Laser Lettering Has Become A New Choice For People

Jan 08.2018
Today, people of fashion and the pursuit of more and more demanding, not only to fashion clothes, bags and shoes are all as personalized, now the personalized demand has been extended to more and more fields, such as work or games need to use the mouse, keyboard, game machine convenient small delicate U disk and so on, and this it has become an important symbol of Metrosexual their personality now.

Convenient compact is the foundation
What are the features and advantages of a popular U disk? You don't have to know it - small, convenient and personality.
U disk is a miniature high capacity mobile storage product that uses USB interface and does not need physical drivers. It can plug and play functions through USB interface. As workaholics from early to late, irregular meetings, and often working overtime, they run around every day. If there is not a small, convenient and strong U disk, the efficiency and enthusiasm must be affected.

So, as a young man like U disk, first of all to have a stylish appearance, also need a small, lightweight, durable characteristics, of course, there must be a powerful "core", the final design is personalized, when meet the above points, then believe that discerning people never say "no".
In the past, we used the U disk are relatively bulky, large capacity U disk size will follow the larger, smaller size capacity will follow the small U disk can rarely meet the Kingston DT50 colorful perfect in every respect, until the advent of U metal plate, it is the Virgo babies really cure obsessive-compulsive disorder, this is the DT50 series will be launched by the cause of the fiery panic buying.
Strong performance is a royal road
Kingston DT50 series of colorful U metal plate with 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB in different styles of storage space, to meet the needs of different users, and the personalized demand, as long as the U disc at the end of the key ring of different colors can easily distinguish the size, which are as follows: 16GB, 32GB green jade pomegranate red, blue, and the maximum 64GB Qingzhan 128GB graphite grey.

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