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Crack The Death Of The Vaccine:laser Marking Technology!

Jul 27.2018

Recently, the ferment of vaccine has received more and more attention from the public. Vaccines are related to the safety of all people, especially children, and to the happiness and health of every family.

In July 16th, Premier Li Keqiang made instructions on the vaccine incident: the vaccine incident broke through the moral bottom line of the people and must give the people a clear and clear explanation.

The vaccine event exposes a lot of loopholes in the supervision of the enterprises. How to prevent and eliminate the wisdom of the government leaders to discuss; and to accelerate the formation of a sound drug tracing and recall mechanism to avoid unnecessary secondary effects and chain effects, in this case, laser marking technology can be used. In order to provide a way of thinking, we should try our best to solve the problem of vaccine.

Laser marking technology is a clear two-dimensional code marked by laser technology in drug box, drug packaging bottle, cover, capsule and other drugs. By scanning two-dimensional code, people can know the date of production, production sources, supervision channels, complaints information and so on, and can be connected to the corresponding government regulatory network. The product is true and false. At the same time, this can also form a public understanding of the transparency of pharmaceuticals, forming the social and moral supervision and supervision of laws and regulations by the public and regulatory authorities.

The advantage of the laser marking technique is that the marking process is non-contact processing, safe and environmental, and will not pollute the drug itself; and it can not be cleared up to play the role of the firewall for the people's safety.

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