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China's Laser Processing Goes To The World: The World's More Than 80% Big Touch Screens Are Processi

Jan 18.2018
From mobile phone, iPad to vehicle navigation, CD, to train station and airport pick up machine, touchscreen is accelerating to occupy our life, and its size is bigger and bigger. You may not expect that more than 80% of the world's large size touch screens are processed with a laser equipment produced by a Wuhan enterprise.

On Jan 13, at GEM company meeting room, the staff opened a 65 inch touch screen machine on the drawing software, with a finger to write "Wuhan" two characters - this is not surprising, intelligent mobile phone can also be handwritten text, but then he stretched out 10 fingers across the screen at the same time the 10 line appears.
Saw the person in charge, the prototype is a customer of the product, the customer with the processing equipment shortly before finally produced the world's first 98 Inch Touch screen.

A large touch screen like this is not a form. Only a single gem laser equipment to achieve 170 mm in size, and many small pieces spliced into a large. The touch screen surface is a thin layer of conductive layer, each small screen there are hundreds of lines, each line of two adjacent blocks must be spliced seamless, precision to achieve micron level (1/1000, 1 micron to 1 mm diameter Chinese hair is usually 80-90 m) a line, not a good fight. It may lead to the big screen scrap.

Now, Wong equipment can process 120 Inch Touch screen. The larger the screen is, the processing efficiency needs to be improved synchronously. The most effective method to improve the efficiency of the laser head is to increase the number, just took the lead in the domestic research issued two processing equipment, now has achieved four head, eight head or more but also the future of research. The more difficult the number of heads, the more difficult, to ensure that the parameters of each light path, the same processing effect, otherwise the product will appear chromatic aberration. But it is just to step ahead.

Gem laser is a Optics Valley listed in the new board of the science and technology enterprises, specifically for touch screen manufacturers to provide laser etching, cutting solutions and services. The company responsible person said, the global touch screen is basically in China processing, and a large screen processing eighty or ninety per cent of the equipment by wong. The touchscreen produced by customers is mainly used for mobile phones, vehicle navigation, bank, hospital terminal, whiteboard, smart home and so on. "Some customers make tea tables and the whole tea table is a large touch screen". For the flexible screen, full screen, OLED screen, Wong also in laser application equipment developed by.

"20 years later, per capita will have 100 terminals with a display screen." In November 14th, Beijing held a global innovation partner conference in Han, and Wang Dongsheng, the chairman of the Beijing Oriental, predicted that.
The trend has already happened, just ushered in the 10 birthday just look forward to, "laser made in the future".

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