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Characteristics of semiconductor lasers: high conversion efficiency

Aug 06.2018
Semiconductor lasers have the characteristics of high-speed modulation, stable power, narrow linewidth, small size, compact structure and integrated driving circuit. Semiconductor lasers with excellent beam quality and modulation performance are widely used in scientific research, industrial instrument development, OEM system integration. In addition, pigtail semiconductor lasers, external fiber coupling modules and small semiconductor diode pumped solid state lasers are available.

Semiconductor lasers can provide excellent laser products for scientific research or integrated users to manufacture the most advanced laser systems. Semiconductor lasers have high efficiency in photoelectric conversion and can be applied directly to laser processing in the fields of laser processing. The optical fiber laser has already become a hot topic at home and abroad because of its excellent beam quality. But will it be possible for semiconductor lasers to directly obtain high beam quality lasers in the future, thus "defeating" fiber lasers? In the increasingly tense energy situation, can the high conversion efficiency of semiconductor lasers become more concerned?

The characteristics of a semiconductor laser are as follows:

1. The unique design of semiconductor laser, using multiple high-power single-transistor lasers in series to replace the bar, eliminates the smile effect:

2. Overall inspection, each single tube laser has been thoroughly tested and has a separate test report.

3, aging test, strict aging test;

4, strict selection, each pipe is singled out.

5. Series connection and series connection. The damage of single pipe will not affect the overall performance.

6, power supply design is convenient, using high voltage and low current power supply, easy to design and low price.

7, passivation treatment, special passivation treatment process, greatly increase the service life;

8, low power consumption, no power attenuation, semiconductor laser photoelectric conversion efficiency and low power consumption;

9. Semiconductor lasers are easy to cool and do not require micro channel cooling.

10, fiber coupling, easy to fiber coupling output.

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